Mengatasi WiFi Lemot - 10 Alasan Penyebabnya dan Solusinya
Mengatasi WiFi Lemot - 10 Alasan Penyebabnya dan Solusinya

Mengatasi WiFi Lemot – 10 Alasan Penyebabnya dan Solusinya

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Are you an active WiFi user? Have you ever experienced slow internet connection from your WiFi or experienced slow WiFi on your Android even though the signal is full? If so, don’t immediately blame your provider! There is a possibility that your WiFi router has issues. However, it’s also possible that your WiFi service provider is having problems. So, how can you solve slow WiFi problems? You need to know the reasons why WiFi is slow before you can fix it. That’s why in this article from our site, we will be discussing 10 reasons for slow WiFi and provide you with the best solutions to fix it.

1. Check WiFi Settings First

Before messing with your WiFi router, try to check your device first. Maybe your phone or laptop hasn’t activated WiFi yet. So, check the device that uses WiFi first. Have you activated the WiFi connection or not? If not, then activate it immediately. The way to activate WiFi on a phone or laptop is different. If you have difficulty finding the WiFi feature on your device, go to the settings. Usually, both laptops and phones have a menu covering the settings on the device including WiFi network settings.

2. Internet Connection Problems

Have you already activated the WiFi network but it’s still slow or you’re not even getting an internet connection? Try to check the internet speed. The way to check internet speed is straightforward. Connect your PC/laptop via Ethernet cable and check the internet speed online. You can check the internet speed by clicking here. If it’s still slow, then maybe the router WiFi is positioned wrong.

However, if you still can’t connect to the internet, then there might be a problem with the WiFi provider. Don’t hesitate to call the provider for help!

3. Disconnected LAN Cable

Still confused about slow internet or even no internet connection? Check the LAN cable connected to the WiFi router. It’s possible that you haven’t connected the LAN cable yet or have wrongly connected the cable. If you don’t understand how to connect the LAN cable, then immediately contact the service provider for assistance. Don’t risk damaging or having your router WiFi not function due to lack of knowledge of how to connect LAN cables.

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4. Placing Router WiFi on the Floor

As stated before, if the internet connection is smooth when using an Ethernet cable, then the router WiFi might be positioned wrong. One of the wrong places to put a router WiFi is on the floor. Why? The WiFi router is similar to an antenna on a TV. If you place it in a low position, the signal you get will not be optimal. Therefore, we recommend not placing the router WiFi on the floor. This will make it harder for the router WiFi to get a signal. Try placing the router WiFi in a high position. For example, you can put it on a table or closet.

5. Placing Router WiFi Too Far

A WiFi router has a certain range capacity. If you place the router WiFi too far away, then there is a high chance you will have difficulty getting an internet connection. Therefore, it’s recommended to put the router WiFi in a strategic location.

In conclusion, before you blame the provider for slow WiFi, try to check the WiFi settings or connection, LAN cable, and router location. If everything is correct, then you should contact the provider. By following these steps, your slow WiFi problems can be tackled effectively.

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