Tips to Prevent Your Mobile Phone from Overheating and Slowing Down
Tips to Prevent Your Mobile Phone from Overheating and Slowing Down

Tips to Prevent Your Mobile Phone from Overheating and Slowing Down

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Do you want to prevent your mobile phone from overheating and slowing down? If you are a heavy user of smartphones, you may have asked yourself this question. Despite being called “smart,” smartphones still have weaknesses. One of them is overheating, which can cause the phone’s performance to slow down. This article provides some tips to prevent this from happening.

Use Original Charger and Battery

One of the reasons why a mobile phone’s battery may heat up quickly is due to excessive charging. Charging your phone repeatedly in a day will decrease the quality of the battery and charger. Eventually, you will need to buy a new charger or battery. When buying these replacements, it is recommended that you use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components. While aftermarket chargers and batteries may save you money, they can be dangerous and cause your phone to overheat. Therefore, use only OEM products and avoid charging your phone too often.

Avoid Using Your Mobile Phone While Charging

When your phone is in the process of charging, avoid using it. If you use your phone during charging, this habit will affect your battery, causing it to swell quickly. This condition will, in turn, make your phone feel hotter after being charged.

Clean Your Phone From Dust

Dust on your phone can cause it to overheat. The heat output from your phone is blocked by the dust that has accumulated on it. It is recommended that you clean your phone properly to prevent the phone from overheating. Use a cotton bud to clean it properly, especially the battery compartment, if possible.

Give Your Phone Time to Rest

When playing games or streaming videos, do not forget time. Continuous usage of these applications will cause your phone to overheat quickly. You need to give your phone a break from heavy usage and allow it to rest.

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Use Cooling Apps

One of the most effective ways to reduce the temperature of your phone is to use cooling apps. Some of them, such as Cool Master, Super Cooler-CPU, and EaseUS Coolphone, are effective in reducing the heat produced by your phone.

Use Trash Removal Apps

Files such as cache, cookies, and other unnecessary files can cause your phone to overheat and slow down. Therefore, regularly remove files that are no longer needed using a file removal app. One such example is the Files Go app from Google.

Store Your Phone in a Safe Place

Do not store your phone in a high-temperature location. For instance, avoid placing it on a hot surface. If you need to charge your mobile phone, make sure that you place it in an area with adequate air flow.

Use a Battery Saving App

Lastly, use battery saving apps to increase the performance of the phone’s battery. These apps can optimize the usage of your mobile phone and keep it at a reasonable temperature.

In conclusion, overheating and slowing down of mobile phones are common problems. However, you can prevent these issues by following the tips that we have provided. By taking care of your phone, you can maintain its performance and prolong its lifespan.

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