Synopsis and Review of Bulgasal: Immortal Souls (2021), A Tale of Revenge and Monsters
Synopsis and Review of Bulgasal: Immortal Souls (2021), A Tale of Revenge and Monsters

Synopsis and Review of Bulgasal: Immortal Souls (2021), A Tale of Revenge and Monsters

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Bulgasal: Immortal Souls is a highly anticipated drama that has been regarded as one of the most expensive productions in recent years. The drama boasts a visual spectacle that captivates viewers and has a cast that includes award-winning actors Lee Jin Wook and Kwon Nara, among others. In this article, we will provide a detailed synopsis and review of this thrilling drama that revolves around the monster-revenge theme.


Bulgasal: Immortal Souls is set in the final years of the Goryeo Dynasty, where a baby boy named Dan Hwal is born from a woman who committed suicide. As a result of the locals’ superstitions, Dan Hwal is mistreated and considered a cursed child who carries the Bulgasal curse. The curse involves a dangerous monster that preys on human blood and has no soul, rendering it unkillable.

Fortunately, a royal army officer named Dan Geuk saves Dan Hwal from the villagers and adopts him as his son. As he grows older, Dan Hwal becomes an expert monster hunter, and he eventually kills Bulgasal, who had earlier taken the children’s souls and transformed into a human. However, he holds a deep-seated grudge against Bulgasal, which significantly fuels the plot of the later episodes.

Inheriting his father’s role, Dan Hwal marries Dan Geuk’s only daughter, Dan Sol. The Bulgasal curse leads to the tragic deaths of their twin children, and Bulgasal kills Dan Sol herself. Later, Bulgasal murders Dan Hwal and takes his soul, transforming into a human. Ironically, at the point when Bulgasal takes Dan Hwal’s soul, Dan Hwal transforms into Bulgasal, who later, Dan Hwal kills.

The drama’s primary theme revolves around revenge, and Dan Hwal vows never to stop hunting Bulgasal, who is reborn multiple times as the curse prolongs its lifeline when killed by a human. However, Dueoksini, another monster that Dan Hwal kills, promises never to stop hunting him until he is dead. Consequently, Dan Hwal must always be on the lookout and on his toes.

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Episode 3-4

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ plot develops when Sang Un, Bulgasal’s twin brother, appears 15 years after the curse’s events, seeking revenge. While pursuing monsters that plot against him, Dan Hwal saves Nam Do Yun, an orphan. When almost losing his life to the monsters, Dan Hwal encounters Si Ho, who is Dan Sol, Dan Hwal’s wife, who has reincarnated as Sang Un’s sister. The encounter leaves Dan Hwal confused about fate, but he remains focused on his goal.

Nonetheless, Dan Hwal’s plan to kill Sang Un grows complicated, with the emergence of Lubang Hitam, another Bulgasal who killed Sang Un and his mother 15 years ago and also seeks revenge. Sang Un recalls his brother’s dying wish and notices Dan Hwal’s mark, indicating that he is the only one capable of killing Lubang Hitam.

Episode 5-6

Hwal saves Sang Un first and then arranges for Si Ho’s safety. Hwal then meets Ok Eul Tae, who requests that he kills Sang Un so she can absorb her soul, as she is cursed by Bulgasal and cannot be erased until she gives birth to Bulgasal’s child.


Bulgasal: Immortal Souls is a thrilling drama that is unique in its storyline and effects. With fantastic acting and show-stopping action, it’s a perfect watch for everyone. The drama’s monster-revenge theme is captivating and leaves the viewer wanting more. The mix of supernatural, fantasy, thriller, and drama genres makes it a perfect watch for all types of viewers.

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