Unraveling the Mystery of Gorosei and Holy Knight Saturn in One Piece by Eiichiro Oda
Unraveling the Mystery of Gorosei and Holy Knight Saturn in One Piece by Eiichiro Oda

Unraveling the Mystery of Gorosei and Holy Knight Saturn in One Piece by Eiichiro Oda

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One Piece’s creator, Eiichiro Oda, is slowly revealing the mysteries surrounding the Gorosei, and the fight between Gorosei Saturn and Luffy in Egghead is not merely showcasing the elder’s strength. In One Piece 1084, Oda confirmed that Gorosei is not immortal, and Luffy is destined to defeat them. The Gorosei, as the government’s elders, have many secrets since the five characters were introduced. Oda waited a long time to unveil Gorosei’s mystery, at least one of them.

The revealed Gorosei is Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, who participated in the buster call attack on Egghead to capture Luffy. Throughout their appearances, the Gorosei always seem to be in Marijoa, but they are believed to be powerful characters. Their scars indicate that they have been through many battles in the past, but there is no information about the fights that made them become elders.

Oda acknowledged the Holy Knight group in the story of One Piece, which is the group to which the Gorosei probably belonged. The scars on Gorosei’s body turned out to be traces of their battles as a Holy Knight. Although it has not yet been directly confirmed, Oda has given enough hints about Gorosei’s identity as a member of the Holy Knight.

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The hint is that Gorosei is close to the very mysterious leader of the World Government, Im Sama. Im Sama’s existence has become like a myth because only certain people have access to him. Besides Gorosei, only the Holy Knight can meet Im Sama because they are the special forces of the World Government who serve directly under him. Holy Knight plays a significant role in the world government’s system as they were the judges if any dispute occurred between Tenryuubito and the navy.


Their time as a Holy Knight is still not explained in One Piece, but the five of them are the best divine knights in every age. That’s why when Saturn Gorosei participated in the buster call attack, many fans were waiting to see Monkey D. Luffy’s fate. Now, Luffy is destined to defeat them, but the question remains: how will he do it? One Piece fans must wait and see.

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