Unveiling the Mystery of Im Sama's Age in One Piece 1084
Unveiling the Mystery of Im Sama's Age in One Piece 1084

Unveiling the Mystery of Im Sama’s Age in One Piece 1084

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In the latest spoiler for manga One Piece 1084, the mystery surrounding Im Sama’s age has finally been exposed. It is revealed that Im Sama is more than 800 years old, meaning that the King of the World has been alive since the Void Century. But how is it possible for Im Sama to live for more than eight centuries when ordinary people can only live up to 100 years?

In the official spoiler that has circulated, Im Sama is said to have appeared and talked with King Cobra who was also in discussion with Gorosei. At that moment, the King of the World suddenly mentioned the name “Lily”. It is known in the official spoiler that Lily is the first Queen of the Alabasta Kingdom. She is also one of the 20 founders of the World Government formed 800 years ago. Thus, it can be confirmed that Im Sama and Queen Lily have a relationship. Not only that, but this fact also confirms that Im Sama is indeed from the same time as Queen Lily, aka the Void Century.

This means that because Im Sama is still alive, he is now over 800 years old. Clues about this have actually been revealed since chapter 908. In that chapter, Im Sama is shown holding four photos of Luffy, Blackbeard, Shirahoshi, and Nefertari Vivi. Interestingly, only Vivi’s photo was not torn by the King of the World. It is likely that Vivi, as a descendant of the leaders of Alabasta, reminded Im Sama of his old friend, Queen Lily.

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The identity and age of Im Sama have been a subject of great curiosity among One Piece fans, and this recent spoiler has only added to the intrigue. The revelation of Im Sama’s age and his possible connection to Vivi raises more questions about the upcoming events in One Piece. Fans can anticipate that Eiichiro Oda has more surprises in store for his readers as the story continues to unfold. Stay tuned for more updates on the manga and anime series.

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