The Four Must-Know Characters of Dr. Stone - Anime Series Review
The Four Must-Know Characters of Dr. Stone - Anime Series Review

The Four Must-Know Characters of Dr. Stone – Anime Series Review

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Dr. Stone is a shounen anime series that stood out from its peers due to its unique storytelling and plot. Unlike most shounen battle-themed series, this anime has no spectacular combat scenes. Instead, it introduces viewers to a world that has reverted to the Stone Age due to a mysterious petrification event. The series follows the adventures of Senku Ishigami, a genius teenager attempting to bring back civilization using his scientific knowledge.

Throughout the series, Senku uses his scientific skills to create various tools and equipment from the modern-day world using materials from his surroundings. Even though these tools look primitive, they function almost like the ones in modern society. Although the manga has ended, the anime adaptation is still ongoing, and with each season, the series introduces new characters useful in rebuilding that world.

Here are the four must-know characters in Dr. Stone:

1. Senku Ishigami

Senku is one of the most dynamic and engaging protagonists in shounen anime series. His personality is not what you would expect from a typical shounen lead, but it only enhances his character. Senku is blunt and very logical, not accepting any nonsense. He is notorious for his scientific breakthroughs and his ability to use them in practical situations. Senku is also one of the smartest characters in anime history.

2. Gen Asagiri

Gen Asagiri initially serves under Tsukasa but was tasked to find and report on Senku. Instead of doing that, he became fascinated with Senku’s intelligence when he witnessed the Kingdom of Science’s capabilities. A bottle of cola proved an excellent demonstration of how scientific achievements should be the pinnacle of the Stone World rather than the archaic mentality of using brute force.

Gen decided to switch sides and became a valuable ally to Senku, becoming a member of the Five Wise Generals. His tactical and strategic skills have always been on point, especially concerning critical battles in deciding the path that the new world must take.

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3. Chrome

Chrome is one of the most energetic characters in the series. His enthusiasm towards science and mysteries is quite entertaining to watch. His eagerness allowed him to develop excellent chemistry with Senku, as both scientists aim to implement more nuanced approaches and modernize the archaic practices performed in the post-apocalyptic world. Chrome becomes Senku’s right-hand man and a member of the Five Wise Generals when they create the Kingdom of Science. He improves his skills and brings his talents under Senku’s supervision, getting involved in any activities that Senku does.

4. Kohaku

Kohaku made her debut in the first season of Dr. Stone, representing a change in the series’ direction, which had previously been stagnant. The revelation of the Ishigami Village and how Senku helped the village with his scientific discoveries was impressive. The bond that she developed with him throughout the series was refreshing. Kohaku is a resident of the Ishigami Village with incredible physical strength and unmatched visual abilities. Her skills prove useful as Senku and his friends go on expeditions, which Kohaku often participated in. The tomboy character finds it difficult to dress up like a normal girl, matching her strong personality.

Dr. Stone is a unique anime series worth watching, with its unconventional plot and compelling characters. The series will not disappoint and is sure to keep you engaged till the end.

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