The Fate and Imprisonment of Rocks D Xebec and Gol D Roger in One Piece 1087
The Fate and Imprisonment of Rocks D Xebec and Gol D Roger in One Piece 1087

The Fate and Imprisonment of Rocks D Xebec and Gol D Roger in One Piece 1087

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In the latest chapter of the popular manga series One Piece, author Eiichiro Oda shocks fans with a revelation that changes the course of the story. In Chapter 1087, Oda reveals the fate and whereabouts of two legendary characters – Rocks D Xebec and Gol D Roger.

According to Oda, both Rocks D Xebec and Gol D Roger are alive despite their previous presumed deaths. This shocking revelation is attributed to an immortality operation performed by none other than Im Sama, the enigmatic and powerful figure within the World Government.

Currently, both Rocks D Xebec and Gol D Roger are chained and imprisoned by Im Sama in a hidden underground prison in Kastil Pagea. This revelation opens up new possibilities for the story and raises questions about the true intentions of Im Sama and the World Government.

Gol D Roger’s significance in the world of One Piece cannot be overstated. He is the only pirate to attain the coveted title of Pirate King after successfully reaching Laugh Tale, the legendary final island. His journey and accomplishments have inspired countless others to set sail in search of the fabled treasure he left behind.

On the other hand, Rocks D Xebec is a legendary pirate who posed a significant threat to the World Government. Unlike other pirates in One Piece, he aspired to conquer the world and his ambitions were unmatched. The true extent of his power and the reasons behind his desire for world domination remain unknown.

Interestingly, the former crew members of Rocks – Kaido, Big Mom, and Shirohige – have now become powerful and dangerous Yonko, ruling over their own territories with immense power. This further highlights the impact and influence of the legendary pirate.

During his prime, Rocks D Xebec was Roger’s toughest rival, and their clashes are the stuff of legends. The fact that both these formidable figures are alive and imprisoned raises questions about the dynamic between them and Im Sama’s role in their fate.

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The reason why Im Sama and the World Government allowed Roger to live even after his monumental achievement as Pirate King remains uncertain. One theory suggests that it may be related to the newly revealed Clan D, a mysterious group with connections to significant events in the world of One Piece.

In Chapter 1087, a mysterious figure is seen communicating with Gol D Roger, adding more intrigue to the unfolding story. Speculation abounds that this figure could be a member of the noble Tenryƫbito or another enigmatic character like Im Sama. The true identity and intentions of this figure are yet to be revealed.

As the story progresses, fans eagerly anticipate more revelations about Joy Boy, the ancient figure shrouded in mystery, and the treasure left behind by Gol D Roger. Eiichiro Oda’s storytelling promises to be even more intriguing as new alliances are forged, and the true nature of the One Piece world is uncovered.

In conclusion, Eiichiro Oda surprises readers with the revelation of the survival and imprisonment of Rocks D Xebec and Gol D Roger in One Piece 1087. This unexpected development adds depth to the story and introduces new mysteries and alliances. The fate of these legendary characters and the motives of Im Sama and the World Government continue to captivate fans as the story of One Piece unfolds.

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