Unique Animals Used as Transportation in One Piece
Unique Animals Used as Transportation in One Piece

Unique Animals Used as Transportation in One Piece

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When it comes to the world of One Piece, we know that it’s filled with unique animals, some of which can be used as unusual forms of transportation. While there are also animals in the real world that can be used as transportation, the animals in One Piece are entirely unique. In this article, we’ll be discussing the peculiar creatures that are used as transportation in One Piece.

1. Banchi (Giant Turtle)

Before she joined Luffy’s crew, Nico Robin was an antagonist who was part of Crocodile’s organization, using the name Miss All Sunday. In her daily life, Nico Robin travelled in a carriage pulled by a giant turtle named Banchi.

2. Wanny (Pig Crocodile)

As the Mink tribe are animals themselves, they are able to understand the true language of animals. In their daily life, they keep animals as pets. Wanny, a pig crocodile, is one such creature.

3. Camel (Super Penguin)

After leaving the Navy, Kuzan travelled on a camel, who enjoys sleeping and is quiet when on a walk. Despite its large size, a walking camel doesn’t make a sound.


4. Motobaro (Motorcycle and Bison)

Duval rides on a shape-shifting bison that works like a moped and even has a horn. It can swim using a special device.

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5. Hasami (Giant Desert Crab)

This iconic creature in One Piece, often portrayed as lecherous, is very helpful to people in the desert. He has a reputation for being attracted to beautiful women and frequently helps those in need.

6. Nyasha (Chariot-Driving Cat)

Nyasha, the chariot-pulling cat of the Germa 66, may have been inspired by Norse goddess Freya, whose chariot was pulled by two big cats. Despite the advanced technology of the Germa 66, they still rely on the power of a cute cat.

In conclusion, the world of One Piece is filled with unique creatures that serve as transportation. From giant turtles to pigs with crocodile snouts and even cats pulling chariots, the possibilities are endless. It’s one of the many reasons why fans love One Piece, and it never ceases to amaze us with each new adventure.

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