The Mysterious Bogard: One Piece 1086 Reveals his Legendary Skills
The Mysterious Bogard: One Piece 1086 Reveals his Legendary Skills

The Mysterious Bogard: One Piece 1086 Reveals his Legendary Skills

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As the latest One Piece 1086 episode unravels, fans found themselves excited yet confused with the introduction of Bogard, a skilled swordsman who mastered the legendary Kamusari technique. This mysterious character became a prominent figure after he saved Garp’s life and ultimately led to Kurohige’s demise. Who is Bogard, and how did he learn his exceptional skills? Let’s dive deeper into this epic episode in One Piece 1086!

Bogard, the Skilled Swordsman

Little is known about Bogard’s origins, but Eiichiro Oda gave us a glimpse of his exceptional swordsmanship skills, which surpassed even that of Mihawk’s. His appearance in Kurohige’s base resulted in a series of intense battles with the Ten Titanic Captains. It was revealed that Bogard followed Garp since they were young, and he might have learned Kamusari from the legendary Gol D Roger himself.

The Legendary Kamusari and Three Sword Styles

In One Piece 1086, fans witnessed how Bogard used the Kamusari in his fight against Kurohige. Kamusari is a technique that involves unsheathing a sword with a powerful strike and sheathing it back in an instant. It was an art that only Gol D Roger mastered, and Bogard learned it from him. Moreover, fans were surprised when Bogard flawlessly executed three sword styles similar to Zoro’s. His expertise and mastery of sword styles raised questions about his connection with Zoro.

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The Final Showdown

The final showdown between Kurohige, Aokiji, and Garp became intense, putting Garp’s life in danger. Kurohige’s devil fruit power made it difficult for Garp to fight back, and his age was starting to become a factor. However, Bogard appeared and saved Garp’s life by blocking Kurohige’s deadly attack with Kamusari. His quick action allowed Garp to use Galaxy Impact, ultimately leading to Kurohige’s defeat and death.


One Piece 1086 left fans with more questions than answers, especially regarding Bogard’s backstory and his relationship with Zoro. Nevertheless, his appearance and skills made a significant impact on the episode, ultimately leading to Kurohige’s downfall. The legendary Kamusari technique, along with his mastery of three sword styles, proved that Bogard was a force to be reckoned with. Fans are now eagerly awaiting the next episode to uncover more secrets about this enigmatic character.

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