Teras Gorontalo: CP0 Targets Vegapunk and Bonney in One Piece
Teras Gorontalo: CP0 Targets Vegapunk and Bonney in One Piece

Teras Gorontalo: CP0 Targets Vegapunk and Bonney in One Piece

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Teras our site: CP0 Targets Vegapunk and Bonney in One Piece

In the latest One Piece chapter 1067, the infamous criminal organization known as CP0, led by Rob Lucci, has arrived on Egghead Island. Their target? Both Dr. Vegapunk and Bonney.

The World Government has deployed CP0 to Egghead Island under the guise of retrieving Seraphim Kuma. However, their true objective is to exterminate the six Vegapunk clones and the real Vegapunk himself.

But that’s not all. Another mission of CP0 is to target Bonney, who has always managed to evade the authorities in the past. The government is finally closing in on her using the organization’s resources.


Bonney, the leader of the South Blue Pirates, also belongs to the SuperNova Pirates. Her Devil Fruit power is still unknown, but she has the ability to manipulate her age as well as others’. Moreover, it has been revealed that she is the daughter of Bartholomeo Kuma, who is now a Pacifista slave.

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Bonney intends to meet Vegapunk to learn more about her father’s transformation into a weapon. It seems that the CP0’s arrival on Egghead Island aims to seize the Bonney’s Devil Fruit power for the government’s benefit.

The real reason for the government’s interest in Bonney’s abilities is a mystery. Could it be related to the youthful appearance of the Gorosei and Im-sama? Fans cannot wait to know the answer in the next chapter.

In conclusion, with the arrival of CP0, the plot of One Piece becomes more exciting as the stakes get higher for both the protagonists and the antagonists. Stay tuned for the next chapter update!

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