Top 5 Best Point of Sale (POS) Apps for Your Business
Top 5 Best Point of Sale (POS) Apps for Your Business

Top 5 Best Point of Sale (POS) Apps for Your Business

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Are you tired of manually handling transactions for your business? Do you want to improve the accuracy and speed in completing transactions? If yes, then you need a point of sale (POS) application or software. A POS is a software that helps complete transactions between a buyer and a seller. It is essential for businesses in the retail and food and beverage industries. By using a sales software on your PC or android device, you can complete transactions quickly and accurately. Here are the top 5 best POS apps that can optimize your business:

1. Soltius

Soltius offers a complete point of sale solution using SAP Business One. This app is not just for large corporations but also small and medium-sized businesses. It has features like mobile POS, omnichannel management, reservation management, and recipe management for restaurants. It also accepts e-money along with debit and credit card payments. Soltius offers a promotional package that includes four limited licenses, one professional license, two consultants for 45 days, and one indirect user.


This cloud-based software offers a modern and user-friendly interface for businesses of all scales, from enterprise to small and medium businesses. It has many useful features, such as multi-user and multi-location management, transaction suspension, customer loyalty management, and product and price synchronization. For restaurants, it also has table management. Although it is new in Indonesia, it has already been implemented by various companies and agencies in Singapore since 2006.

3. Pawoon

Pawoon is an easy-to-use software that is well-known among small and medium-sized retail and restaurant businesses. It can be used offline, and all transactional data is saved and synchronized when the system reconnects to the internet. This web-based sales app also enables you to access reports in real-time via a smartphone. You can calculate the cost of goods sold (COGS), determine promotions, and manage raw materials or recipes.
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MOKA is also popular in retail and restaurant businesses in Indonesia. It simplifies the sales process and manages transactions more efficiently. Some of its features include promotional management, inventory management, staff management, and customer management.

5. Olsera

Olsera is a cheap and flexible POS app that is commonly used by small and medium businesses, such as cafes, restaurants, pharmacies, retail shops, and more. It offers data synchronization, shipping fee calculation, inventory management, payment management, and CRM. For F&B businesses, it also provides menu management, table management, and kitchen display systems.

If you are not sure about a POS software, you can try some available free apps before deciding which one to buy. Here are some differences between manual sales recording and sales software:

Manual Sales Recording Sales Software

– Needs a notebook to record – Just need to install the app
– Written by hand – Input on dedicated forms
– Calculated manually – Automatically calculated in the system
– Prone to human errors – Highly accurate
– Slows down sales service – Saves time in sales service
– Less secure data privacy – Ensures secure data privacy
– Needs manual revenue calculation – Analyzes revenue from business graphs

These top 5 POS apps can help you manage and optimize your sales effectively. So, choose the one that fits your business’s needs and start improving your sales process now!

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