The Shocking Spoiler of One Piece 1083: Who will be Luffy's Ultimate Enemy?
The Shocking Spoiler of One Piece 1083: Who will be Luffy's Ultimate Enemy?

The Shocking Spoiler of One Piece 1083: Who will be Luffy’s Ultimate Enemy?

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In the world of One Piece, Luffy’s ultimate enemy has always been believed to be Im Sama, the leader of the World Government. Recently, a new spoiler from One Piece 1083 has revealed that Im Sama may not be Luffy’s final opponent. Although there have been various speculations about who the character may be, it is uncertain who Luffy will face in the end.

According to Patriot our site’s report, Im Sama is considered to be the strongest character in the series. As the leader of the World Government, Im Sama is the ruler of the whole world in One Piece. Despite being a dominant character, the true identity and abilities of Im Sama remain unknown as the character has always been depicted in shadowy silhouettes and has been seen wearing a high crown.

In One Piece 1083, it was revealed that Im Sama had attacked Sabo with its extraordinary powers, causing severe damage to him. However, the character was saved, making him one of the lucky ones. Luffy’s aim, on the other hand, is to overthrow the World Government’s dictatorial rule after securing the One Piece treasure. This makes Im Sama a strong candidate to become Luffy’s ultimate enemy in the upcoming episodes.

Additionally, Im Sama may be aided by the five members of Gorosei, who also possess incredible abilities. It is an undeniable fact that Luffy will face a lot of obstacles and have to fight tough battles.
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Despite the above-mentioned theories, One Piece 1083 spoilers have also suggested that Luffy’s last opponent might be none other than his mentor himself, Shanks. The theory seems plausible, given that Shanks had previously declared that he would join the One Piece treasure hunt. Moreover, he had even stolen the Road Poneglyph, which is a guide to Laugh Tale from Kid’s possession. This indicates how far Shanks could go to get his hands on One Piece, even if it means defeating Luffy, who is one of his allies.

However, this is just a theory, and the final battle of Luffy is yet to be revealed. It is possible that Luffy could face an unexpected adversary in the end that not even the viewers could anticipate. This article is only for entertainment purposes and has no intention to interfere or alter the original storyline of the series.

In conclusion, the question remains- who will be the ultimate enemy that Luffy has to fight until his last breath?Fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming episodes to unravel the mystery.

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