How to Create and Send Stickers on WhatsApp: A Complete Guide
How to Create and Send Stickers on WhatsApp: A Complete Guide

How to Create and Send Stickers on WhatsApp: A Complete Guide

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When it comes to enhancing your messaging experience on WhatsApp, stickers are a fun and creative way to express yourself. With the recent introduction of sticker creation and sharing features on WhatsApp, users can now create and send their own personalized stickers. In this article, we will guide you on how to create and send stickers on WhatsApp, step-by-step.

To get started, you will need to download a third-party app called Background Eraser. This lightweight app is essential for removing the background from your chosen photos. Once you have downloaded and installed Background Eraser, you can proceed with the sticker creation process.

After opening Background Eraser, select the photo you want to create a sticker from. You can either use a stylus or your fingers to erase the background of the photo. Background Eraser offers a range of tools, including the ability to adjust the size of the eraser tool and zoom in for more precise editing. Take your time and ensure that you carefully remove the background, as this will determine the quality of your stickers.

Once you have finished removing the background, save the edited photo in PNG format. This is important because WhatsApp only supports stickers in PNG format. After saving the image, you have completed the first step of sticker creation.

The next app you will need to download is Personal Stickers for WhatsApp. This lightweight app allows you to transfer your created stickers to WhatsApp. Once you have installed the app, follow the on-screen instructions to add the stickers to WhatsApp. It’s a simple process that enables you to use your own stickers in chats with ease.

To check if your stickers are ready to use, open the emoji menu in WhatsApp and look for the sticker icon. If the icon is visible, it means that your stickers have been successfully added to WhatsApp and are ready for use.

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In addition to creating stickers from photos, you can also create stickers of logos or other images. This adds versatility to your sticker collection and allows you to personalize your chats even further.

If you no longer wish to use certain stickers, you can easily delete them. Simply access the ‘My Stickers’ menu in WhatsApp and delete the stickers you no longer want. This gives you the flexibility to constantly update your sticker collection and keep it relevant to your conversations.

Creating high-quality stickers requires good source photos and meticulous editing. Make sure you use high-resolution photos with clear subjects to ensure the best results. Take your time to edit the photos and remove the backgrounds accurately. The more effort you put into the creation process, the more impressive your stickers will be.

It’s worth noting that sticker creation can also be done on a computer and transferred to your phone for use on WhatsApp. This enables you to use advanced editing tools and take advantage of larger screens for a more precise editing experience.

In conclusion, creating and sending stickers on WhatsApp is a great way to personalize your chats and express yourself. With the help of third-party apps like Background Eraser and Personal Stickers for WhatsApp, anyone can create their own unique sticker collection. So why not give it a try? Download the necessary apps and start creating stickers that reflect your personality and style today!

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