The Conflict of Dragon Against the World Government in One Piece
The Conflict of Dragon Against the World Government in One Piece

The Conflict of Dragon Against the World Government in One Piece

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In the story of One Piece, Rocks D. Xebec is known as a ruthless pirate who aimed to become the ruler of the world. His uprising against the World Government began with his attack on the island of God Valley, where he targeted the Tenryuubito, who are the descendants of Celestial Dragons or Naga Langit. Xebec wanted to destroy the island that housed these rulers to fulfill his desire of becoming the world’s king.

Ultimately, Xebec was defeated by Garp and Roger, and his whereabouts remain unknown. However, some former members of his pirate crew were still present, such as Shirohige, Kaido, and Big Mom. The story of One Piece suggests that another uprising against the World Government will occur, led by Dragon and the Revolutionary Army.

Monkey D. Dragon intends to attack the World Government, which is located in Mariejoa, on the Red Line, where Tenryuubito reside. The Revolutionary Army, led by Dragon, aims to end oppression and create peace throughout the world. However, their actions will have the same impact as the incident in God Valley.

Although Xebec and Dragon have a similar objective of attacking the World Government, they differ in their ultimate goals. Xebec wanted to become the World King after eradicating the Tenryuubito, while Dragon aims to eliminate the system that lasted for 800 years since the fall of the Ancient Kingdom. Therefore, Dragon’s actions are regarded as similar to the desire of Xebec, which was to destroy the Tenryuubito and to be recognized as an evil person.
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The Revolutionary Army is not the only group that will be attacking the World Government. Other kingdoms and people who have been oppressed will join in the rebellion, including the citizens of Lulusia whose kingdom was destroyed by the power of Im Sama.

The World Government will try to handle the rebellion in Mariejoa, led by Dragon. They will deploy their naval forces, Cipher Pol, and the new group of Holy Knights. Meanwhile, most of the pirate crews, including the Straw Hat Pirates, Shanks, and all those who hate the World Government, will support Dragon.

The conflict between Dragon and the World Government in One Piece promises to bring a thrilling and intense story. It remains to be seen how Dragon and his supporters will succeed in their revolution, and what role the Tenryuubito, and the World Government itself will play in this conflict.

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