One Piece 1085: Will The Straw Hat Pirates Fight Against Holy Knight?
One Piece 1085: Will The Straw Hat Pirates Fight Against Holy Knight?

One Piece 1085: Will The Straw Hat Pirates Fight Against Holy Knight?

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One Piece 1085: Will The Straw Hat Pirates Fight Against Holy Knight?

In the latest One Piece 1085 chapter, Eiichiro Oda has dropped some intriguing hints about the upcoming enemy of the Straw Hat Pirates. As revealed in this chapter, the next enemy of the Straw Hat Pirates is none other than the entire army of the Holy Knight. There are several reasons that support the battle between these two groups, one of which being the similarity in their number of members.

For those who are not aware, the Holy Knight is a secretive group that belongs to the World Government, based in Mariejoa. According to Akainu himself, their power and authority are above that of the Marines, including the Admirals. This means that they surely possess formidable strength.

Moreover, the Holy Knight consists of only nine people and can hold jurisdiction over matters related to the Tenryuubito and dozens of kingdoms. Seeing the nine members of the Holy Knights and the Straw Hat Pirates, Oda apparently has given a hidden cue that they will face all Straw Hat crews except Luffy.

Previously, Oda has stated that the final war would make the Marineford war look funny. The battle certainly will involve all parties, such as the pirates, the Revolutionary Army, and the World Government. All powerful characters will have their roles to play, including Luffy, Dragon, Shanks, Rayleigh, and others, who are likely to fight against tough enemies like Akainu, the Admirals, Im Sama, and Gorosei. But what about the other nine members of the Straw Hat Pirates? This is where the Holy Knight will take part.

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The leader of the Holy Knight is a swordsman, and he will be an appropriate enemy for Zoro. The battle will be nine Straw Hat crews other than Luffy, against the nine members of the Holy Knight. Moreover, Oda seems to make the Holy Knight like the second version of CP9, and there may be a second Enies Lobby incident with a more amazing battle of course.

Even in chapter 1083, Oda suddenly shows CP9 agents without any reason, and strangely, they appear to be doing nothing. Why did Oda draw that panel without any reason? It was believed to be a cue from the mangaka himself that the Holy Knight is indeed the latest version of CP9.

However, the similarity in the number of crews is not the only reason why the Holy Knight will fight against the Straw Hat Pirates. As we know, the most popular theory has already mentioned that the leader of the Holy Knight is the twin brother of Shanks. Zoro’s fight against Shanks’s twin brother will be an interesting parallel to the fight between Shanks and Mihawk in the past.

In conclusion, One Piece 1085 has provided us with a glimpse of the upcoming fight between the Straw Hat Pirates and the Holy Knight. It is undoubtedly exciting to see how Oda will depict this battle in the upcoming chapters.

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