The Race to Laugh Tale Heats Up in One Piece with Cross Guild's Involvement
The Race to Laugh Tale Heats Up in One Piece with Cross Guild's Involvement

The Race to Laugh Tale Heats Up in One Piece with Cross Guild’s Involvement

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In the world of One Piece, the sea is heating up as the Yonkou start their hunt for the mysterious treasure stored on the island of Laugh Tale, and now, the Cross Guild led by Lord Buggy is joining in the race. With the encouragement of Lord Buggy after surviving attacks from Mihawk and Crocodille, the Cross Guild members are now on a crusade to find the One Piece treasure.

Until recently, the three Yonkou have been hunting for the Road Poneglyph to get closer to their goal of finding the treasure. But now, with the involvement of Cross Guild, the fears of a possible war between the Yonkou are increasing. The three main powers of One Piece, the Navy, Shichibukai, and Yonkou, usually avoid taking action against each other as any conflict could result in great losses for both sides.

However, as the Yonkou continue their hunt for the Road Poneglyph, the balance of power in the sea is slowly falling apart. The involvement of Cross Guild, led by Lord Buggy, has escalated the situation further. Buggy, being the only Yonko without a copy of the Road Poneglyph, must either take one from the other Yonkou or wait at the last location, where it is believed to be. With all three Yonkou needing just one more Poneglyph, the possibility of a battle between them is high.

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If a war breaks out between Yonkou, it will bring a radical shift to the One Piece universe. It could signal the end of the Yonkou system, and a new Pirate King could rise.

The One Piece fans are excited to know what new developments the storyline will bring in the future. Will Lord Buggy become the next Pirate King, or will the other Yonkou manage to keep their positions of power? It remains to be seen.

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