One Piece Chapter 1084: The Mystery Surrounding Queen Lily Revealed
One Piece Chapter 1084: The Mystery Surrounding Queen Lily Revealed

One Piece Chapter 1084: The Mystery Surrounding Queen Lily Revealed

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In One Piece chapter 1084, a new character has been introduced that could potentially open up a lot of mysteries. Queen Lily of Alabasta is a new character that has been mentioned for the first time in this chapter, and her appearance has sparked numerous assumptions and theories among One Piece fans.

Imu Sama, the highest authority in the World Government, mentions Queen Lily at the end of chapter 1084. This has given rise to many speculations, with some fans even suggesting that Imu Sama is actually Queen Lily of Alabasta, whose existence has been shrouded in mystery for many years.

According to some existing theories, Queen Lily was one of the leaders of a kingdom that played a crucial role in the formation of the World Government. However, she suddenly disappeared and was never heard from again. Some fans believe that she may have become immortal due to the powers of a devil fruit, and has been living in secret all these years.

If it turns out that Queen Lily and Imu Sama are indeed the same person, it could reveal a lot of truths about the Void Century, a critical event that is considered the starting point of all chaos in One Piece. Queen Lily, being a person who was involved in the downfall of the Void Century, could have a lot of information about Joy Boy, another enigmatic figure in the One Piece universe.
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However, if Imu Sama or Queen Lily is really occupying the empty throne in Mariejoa, it would be considered a betrayal of the World Government. The empty throne was deliberately left unoccupied to promote peace and equality among the 20 kingdoms that make up the World Government. It is a known fact that the Gorosei, the top brass of the World Government, are subservient to Imu Sama.

It is unclear if all the information surrounding the Void Century and Queen Lily will be revealed in the coming chapters of One Piece. One thing is certain, the appearance of Queen Lily has opened up a Pandora’s box full of possibilities, and only time will tell what secrets she has in store for the readers.

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