Eiichiro Oda Reveals Shanks' Father's Identity in One Piece
Eiichiro Oda Reveals Shanks' Father's Identity in One Piece

Eiichiro Oda Reveals Shanks’ Father’s Identity in One Piece

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Eiichiro Oda, the genius manga creator of One Piece, has revealed the identity of Shanks’ father in the latest chapter. Shanks’ father is not the leader of the Holy Knight’s army, as previously thought, but a former member of the Gorosei whose position was taken over by Sanji’s grandfather.

In a surprising twist, one of the Gorosei is revealed to be the former leader of the Germa Kingdom. The Gorosei member who is Sanji’s grandfather is a tall, blond-haired man who is actually the first Vinsmoke. His name was Vinsmoke Venus before he took on his position as an elder of the World Government.

Venus is the youngest member of the Gorosei, evidenced by his younger looking appearance. He was chosen to replace another Gorosei who was revealed to be Shanks’ father. Previously, fans speculated that one of the members of the Holy Knight was Shanks’ father due to his silhouette resembling that of the famed pirate.

Shanks’ lineage as a member of the Fearland family, one of the founding families of the World Government, makes it plausible that his father would hold a high position in the government structure, such as leading the Holy Knight’s army. However, it is now revealed that his father lost his position as an elder of the World Government after breaking the rule that prohibits Gorosei members from having children.

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Shanks’ father’s disregarding of this rule led to his removal as an elder by Im Sama. To conceal this fact from the other elders, Shanks’ father was exiled to a golden casket on Hachinosu Island. Despite his punishment, Im Sama spared his life due to his past services to the World Government and instead demoted him to captain of the Holy Knight’s army.

Shanks’ father’s vacant position in the Gorosei was then filled by Vinsmoke Venus. This explains his youthfulness compared to the other elders. Overall, this revelation from Eiichiro Oda has shed a new light on the background of Shanks’ family and the politics of the World Government in the One Piece universe.

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