Discover the Identity of Im Sama, the Monster Ruler in One Piece 1086

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As Eiichiro Oda unveils the identity of Im Sama in One Piece 1086, fans are in for a surprise. It turns out that Im Sama can transform into a black monster of enormous proportions. Not only that, but this monster form is also capable of eating and being immune to all elements. So, does that mean Im Sama cannot be harmed by any element at all? Let’s find out more in this discussion of One Piece 1086.

In the latest chapter, fans were shocked when the new form of Im Sama was revealed. It happened when Raja Cobra was struck by Im Sama’s black arrow in the Empty Throne room. Sabo, who was hiding behind a pillar, emerged and unleashed his fiery attack on the Gorosei and also Im Sama. In that moment, the Gorosei appeared to be burnt by Sabo’s flames. Meanwhile, Im Sama abruptly transformed into a monster form that was even bigger, with a massive head that had several sharp fangs. With ease, Im Sama’s mouth devoured Sabo’s fire power. This indicates that Im Sama’s monster form is impervious to even the most powerful elements like fire.

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It is possible that other elements and attacks won’t have any effect on Im Sama’s monster form as well. At the same time, the Gorosei also transformed into giant monster figures with different forms. The question is, is this transformation the result of the Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit power, or something else? Moreover, is Im Sama immune to all elements in the One Piece world?

With all these cliffhangers, fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming One Piece manga release. Finally, the mystery and secrets regarding Im Sama and the Gorosei shall be revealed in due time. Stay tuned for more updates and revelations in One Piece 1086.
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