Eustass Kid Emerges Alive from Kamusari Attack in One Piece 1087
Eustass Kid Emerges Alive from Kamusari Attack in One Piece 1087

Eustass Kid Emerges Alive from Kamusari Attack in One Piece 1087

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Eustass Kid, the strongest from the South Blue, emerges alive from the Kamusari attack by Shanks in Chapter 1079 of One Piece. Despite the previous revelation of him being at death’s door, the latest bocoran from Eiichiro Oda confirms that Kid is indeed a part of the Final War.

Shanks’ win against Kid in an unfair duel had made the latter look like he’s near death. However, as seen in the previous chapter, Kid was still alive and breathing. This is because Shanks, despite dealing a fatal attack, opted not to attack Kid’s vital points.

This act of kindness by Shanks refutes the theory that he is a merciless character. With Oda’s confirmation of Kid’s survival, the belief that Shanks is a Gorosei’s henchman is also debunked. Shanks’ constant effort to mediate between characters in battles shows that he is truly a good-hearted pirate.

The Kamusari attack, a technique by Gol D. Roger, is known to be fatal, and it is only used by someone deserving of the title ‘King of Pirates.’ Shanks, who is also known to have this technique, however, only learned it from Silvers Rayleigh. Still, he cannot execute it to its full potential since he has not yet been crowned as the ‘King of Pirates.’
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The Divine Departure, translated in English, is a technique that channels Haoshoku Haki into the sword and delivers a powerful slash. It was first seen in the fight between Gol D. Roger and Kozuki Oden.

Shanks’ mastery of Kamusari may have been because he was a member of Gol D. Roger’s crew. However, according to bocoran, the technique he used against Kid was only a basic form that he learned from Rayleigh.

It is important to note that some parts of this article are only theories and entertainment without any intention of adding, altering, or reducing the One Piece’s storyline by Eiichiro Oda.

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