Discover the Exciting Fate of Sabo After the Destruction of Pulau Lulusia in One Piece 1082
Discover the Exciting Fate of Sabo After the Destruction of Pulau Lulusia in One Piece 1082

Discover the Exciting Fate of Sabo After the Destruction of Pulau Lulusia in One Piece 1082

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Are you an avid fan of the One Piece manga series? If yes, then you must be excited to read the latest update on One Piece 1082. This chapter continues the story of Sabo and reveals his fate after being attacked by Im Sama. In addition, it also features Chopper and his confusion with Zeus, an exciting battle with Cross Guild, and a flashback to the time when Shanks and Buggy were still together.

The chapter begins with the announcement of T-Bone’s death, which shocked the people present in the room. The discussion then shifted to the topic of Cross Guild’s resurrection and Captain Hina’s arrival to talk about it. Sengoku asked Hina about the whereabouts of Garp, who just recently left to save Coby. This revelation surprised Sengoku, and then the scene changed to Buggy.

Buggy was seen sending money to the man who killed T-Bone and offering him protection against the marines in exchange for him joining Cross Guild. He was excitedly looking at the newly built Cross Guild ship adorned with his head and a clown theme while Crocodile and Mihawk were questioning his decision to take this course of action. Crocodile suggested using Cross Guild for his plan for Utopia, while Mihawk gave some advice on the need to gather more power. However, Buggy opposed Crocodile’s plan, leading to a heated argument.

Meanwhile, Flashback to 24 years ago, Shanks and Buggy had a conversation in Loguetown about whether to search for One Piece. Shanks decided not to, and Buggy was disappointed that he didn’t pursue this goal. He was angry with Shanks for tearing the treasure map and ran away. Then, back to the present, Buggy tried to persuade the Cross Guild crew to go after One Piece and managed to gather a few enthusiastic crew members.

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On the other hand, Sabo survived the tragedy in Pulau Lulusia and returned safely. He did not die, as many had thought. Sabo was on a boat carrying some of the residents of Lulusia who wanted to join the Revolutionary Army. Later, he joined Dragon and Ivankov in a meeting to reveal the truth about what happened in Mary Geioise.

If you’re eager to read it for yourself, you can check out One Piece 1082 on various manga reading sites. However, remember that this is just a prediction and meant for entertainment purposes only.

In conclusion, One Piece 1082 offers an entertaining adventure, incorporating battles, revelation, and surprises. Keep reading One Piece to join Luffy and his crew’s journey towards finding One Piece and becoming the Pirate King.

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