Best Apps to Watch TV Indonesia using Android Smartphone
Best Apps to Watch TV Indonesia using Android Smartphone

Best Apps to Watch TV Indonesia using Android Smartphone

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In this digital age, almost everything is done online including for work, education, communication, and entertainment. Watching TV is no exception, as watching TV online is becoming more popular with the use of Android TV online applications in Indonesia. These applications provide many options for users to watch TV anywhere and anytime, even without any data quota.

Here are some of the best applications to watch TV Indonesia through Android smartphones such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and others:

1. Vidio

This is one of the best online TV applications available in Indonesia, showcasing various local channels that can be enjoyed live. Not only does it provide local programming, but it also presents live streaming dramas from Korea, which is perfect for those who love Korean dramas.

2. Mivo

This live streaming application is popular in Indonesia, where users can watch more than 50 TV channels, both local and international. There are many available local channels to be enjoyed such as Indosiar, Trans 7, Trans TV, TV One, Metro TV, Global TV, NET TV, SCTV, and many others.

3. TV Indonesia Live

For those who want to watch the latest TV shows, this application provides access to various local channels easily. Moreover, users can see the schedule of each program and have almost all channels available in Indonesia.

4. TV Indonesia SCTV

With this application, users can watch various SCTV shows, from FTV to other Indonesian TV channels such as Metro TV, Global TV, Indosiar, RCTI, and others.

5. RCTI TV Indonesia

As the name suggests, this application provides RCTI programming as well as other channels such as CNN, Metro TV, Global TV, MNC TV, and many more.

6. TV Online Indonesia

This application allows users to watch TV online with various local channels such as RCTI, ANTV, NET TV, and others for free.

7. TV Indonesia Ultra HD

This application provides local TV channels with HD picture quality. Users can check the TV program schedule for each channel on this app such as TVOne, Kompas TV, RCTI, SCTV, Trans TV, ANTV and more.

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8. Android SPB TV

This TV application provides more than 200 TV channels from around the world, with features such as the ability to pause, record, and rewind live TV.

9. Livestream

This application provides users with access to live streaming channels and even allows for streaming to other devices seamlessly.

10. LiveStream TV

This application presents various channels of local TV shows, from news to entertainment channels. It also provides access to international TV channels.

11. Android UseeTV

This application presents many local channels with high-quality streaming options. It becomes more complete with features allowing users to rewind and record TV shows.

12. Aplikasi Android TV Indonesia

This application provides various local TV channels, even for regional news programming such as Jawa Timur TV, JTV, and Daai TV.

13. Indo Stream TV

This application provides access to various local TV channels such as RCTI, SCTV, Metro TV, and others. It also provides radio streaming too.

14. Indonesia Live Streaming

This application provides over 100 local TV channels as well as access to international TV channels.

15. NET.

This application provides various online services from NET TV Indonesia. Users can enjoy various local TV channels as well as NET TV programs.

In conclusion, watching TV Indonesia through Android smartphones is becoming a popular trend that provides many conveniences to users. With a wide range of applications that provide access to various local channels and international channels, users have many choices to watch their favorite TV shows anywhere and anytime.

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