Unlocking the Power of Shiden: Kakashi's Safer and Versatile Technique
Unlocking the Power of Shiden: Kakashi's Safer and Versatile Technique

Unlocking the Power of Shiden: Kakashi’s Safer and Versatile Technique

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Kakashi Hatake, the skilled shinobi from the Naruto series, has unleashed a new technique that has fans buzzing with excitement. Known as Shiden, this powerful move replaces his signature move, Raikiri, with a safer and more versatile alternative.

The name Shiden carries a unique meaning in Japanese, translating to ‘purple lightning’. In contrast, Raikiri is known as the ‘lightning cutter’. These names reflect the nature of the techniques and their associated effects.

One significant advantage of Shiden over Raikiri is its safety. While Raikiri had a blinding effect when used without Kakashi’s Sharingan eye, Shiden does not possess this drawback. It eliminates the risk of temporary blindness, making it a more reliable choice for Kakashi in battle.

Shiden is primarily designed for long-range attacks, unleashing its full potential when targeted from a distance. However, it is not limited to a specific area and can be utilized effectively in various combat scenarios. This versatility grants Kakashi the upper hand in battle, no matter the situation.


What sets Shiden apart is its unrivaled electrical power. This technique has the ability to generate strong electrical currents, showcasing its might in battle. It can even summon rain clouds, leading to lightning storms that add a devastating edge to Kakashi’s attacks. The sheer force of Shiden’s electrical power is a spectacle to behold.

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Interestingly, in the Boruto manga, both Boruto and Mitsuki have been shown using Shiden. However, in the anime adaptation, Boruto employs Shiden solely through the use of a special ninja weapon. This discrepancy between the manga and anime versions adds an intriguing twist to the story.

Shiden made its debut in the novel titled ‘Kakashi Hiden’, which was first published on November 2, 2021. Its popularity soared, leading to a republication on November 26, 2023. Fans eagerly devoured this thrilling addition to Kakashi’s arsenal.

In conclusion, Shiden stands as Kakashi’s formidable replacement for Raikiri. It offers a safer alternative, devoid of blinding side effects, while providing remarkable versatility in combat. With its powerful electrical currents and the ability to conjure rain clouds, Shiden brings a new level of excitement to Kakashi’s battles. Whether it’s in the manga or the anime adaptation, this technique showcases the incredible prowess of Kakashi and his unyielding dedication to the art of shinobi.

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