Monkey D Dragon's Past Revealed: From Marine Member to Revolutionary Army Leader
Monkey D Dragon's Past Revealed: From Marine Member to Revolutionary Army Leader

Monkey D Dragon’s Past Revealed: From Marine Member to Revolutionary Army Leader

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Monkey D Dragon, the enigmatic father of Monkey D Luffy, has a fascinating past that has recently been confirmed. In Chapter 1097 of the popular manga series One Piece, it is revealed that Dragon was once a member of the Marine, the powerful naval force that enforces the World Government’s rule across the vast seas.

However, Dragon’s time in the Marine was short-lived. He left the organization, driven by a deep dissatisfaction with the lack of justice within its ranks. This pivotal decision would set him on a path that would eventually lead to the formation of the Revolutionary Army.

The Revolutionary Army is a clandestine organization dedicated to overthrowing oppressive regimes and fighting for a world where justice and freedom prevail. In the attack on the Sorbet Kingdom, Dragon and his ally, Ivankov, took up arms and led the revolutionaries against the oppressive king. The Sorbet Kingdom had been divided into two parts, with one controlled by the World Government. Dragon and Ivankov sought to liberate the kingdom from its shackles, standing up for the rights of the people.

During this mission, they were joined by a formidable ally, Kuma. Kuma, a former pirate known as the Tyrant, had undergone a powerful transformation thanks to the scientific genius of Dr. Vegapunk. He had become a weapon, but upon witnessing the suffering caused by the oppressive king, Kuma made the choice to fight against tyranny by joining the Revolutionary Army.

The revelation in Chapter 1097 also sheds light on the timeline of Dragon’s past. His tenure in the Marine occurred approximately 14 years before the current events in the One Piece series, further deepening the mystery surrounding this enigmatic character.

As the story unfolds, Dragon takes on a prominent role within the Revolutionary Army. Together with the revolutionary named Ginny, he becomes one of its commanders. However, danger looms on the horizon as the chapter concludes with the news of Ginny’s kidnapping. The stakes are high, and the Revolutionary Army finds itself facing a dire situation that demands swift action.

Speculation has arisen from fans and theorists that Dragon may have held a significant position within the Marine before his departure. Some theories posit that he may have even been an admiral, a high-ranking and influential force within the organization. While this remains unconfirmed, it adds another layer of intrigue to Dragon’s past and potential motivations.

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According to Vivre Card Dragon, the Revolutionary Army was established during the period between the death of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, and the birth of Luffy. This suggests that Dragon could have had involvement with the Marine prior to the army’s formation. His ties to Dr. Vegapunk, as depicted in conversation, further deepen the mystery surrounding his past.

One noticeable change in Dragon’s appearance is the addition of tattoos on his face. These markings signify his affiliation with the Revolutionary Army and serve as a powerful symbol of his dedication to the cause.

Interestingly, there are parallels between Dragon and other former Marines who have left their positions. Just as Garp, Luffy’s grandfather, had hoped for his grandson to join the Marine, it is possible that he also held similar aspirations for Dragon. The desire for justice and the pursuit of a better world seem to run in the blood of the Monkey D. family.

In conclusion, Monkey D Dragon’s past as a member of the Marine and his subsequent formation of the Revolutionary Army provide fascinating insights into his character and motivations. The recent events in Chapter 1097 of One Piece shine a spotlight on his role within the army and the challenges he faces. With Ginny’s kidnapping, the stakes are higher than ever, and Dragon must navigate a dangerous landscape to ensure the safety of his comrades and the pursuit of justice. As the story continues to unfold, fans eagerly await further revelations about this enigmatic figure.

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