Uncovering the Mystery of the Burn-Scarred Man in One Piece 1083
Uncovering the Mystery of the Burn-Scarred Man in One Piece 1083

Uncovering the Mystery of the Burn-Scarred Man in One Piece 1083

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As One Piece 1083 nears its release, fans are eagerly waiting for the new episode to see what Eiichiro Oda has in store for them. However, before the episode’s release, Oda gave a hint about a man with burn scars in Wano Kuni. In a conversation between Eustass Kid and Killer, they mentioned that the man with the burn scars holds the key to finding One Piece. According to them, he possesses the last Road Poneglyph, which leads to Laugh Tale. Here are the recent clues that have been uncovered about this mysterious man, as compiled by Patriot our site from Gamerant.

After the war in Wano, Kid and Killer discussed the person who is believed to possess the last Road Poneglyph. They concluded that finding him is crucial to finding One Piece. However, at that point, Oda had not given any specific details about the man’s identity. But in One Piece 1081, Kurohige’s crew revealed more information about the same.

The most striking feature of the man with the burn scars, according to Kurohige’s crew, is that he is always on board a black ship. Interestingly, whenever a ship approaches him, it suddenly sinks into the whirlpools created by the man. According to Lafitte, this is possible due to the man’s devil fruit power.

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These are the only clues available about the burn-scarred man in One Piece 1083. But they are enough to keep fans excited and guessing about who he might be. Only time will tell if the rumors are true and if the man with the burn scars possesses the last Road Poneglyph. Until then, fans will have to wait for the next episode to unravel the mystery behind the burn-scarred man and his black ship.

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