Top Wedding Dress Up and Makeup Games for Android
Top Wedding Dress Up and Makeup Games for Android

Top Wedding Dress Up and Makeup Games for Android

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As a 24-year-old female college student, I understand the desire to become a bridal makeup artist. And what better way to practice and have fun than by playing dress up and makeup games on your Android smartphone? These games are not only enjoyable but also a great way to explore the world of bridal styling. In this article, I will introduce you to some of the top wedding dress up and makeup games that you can easily download and play on your Android device.

1. Wedding Makeover Salon

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, and in this game, you are tasked with beautifying the bride-to-be. Start by cleansing the bride’s face, applying a face mask, and giving her the best facial treatment. Once her face is prepped, it’s time to apply makeup and create a stunning bridal look. Use the provided makeup tools to enhance her features and choose a beautiful gown to complete the transformation.

2. Dream Wedding Planner

In “Dream Wedding Planner,” you step into the role of a wedding planner. Your responsibilities include preparing for the wedding ceremony, not only by arranging the decorations and catering but also by dressing up the bride and groom. Select the perfect wedding gown for the bride and a stylish suit for the groom. Don’t forget to also choose the most suitable shoes for the couple. And of course, you’ll need to do the bride’s makeup to make her shine on her special day.

3. Wedding Games: Bride Dress Up

As a stylist in a wedding event, it’s your duty to take care of everything related to the bride’s attire, including clothing, shoes, accessories, and makeup. The game offers a variety of potential brides to dress up, each with their unique style. You can create a makeup look and choose from hundreds of wedding gowns. Additionally, you can pick one of the eight available grooms, each representing a different profession, such as an actor. Get ready to play this exciting game.

4. Super Wedding Dress Up Stylist

This game allows you to dress up not only the bride but also the groom and bridesmaids. As a super wedding dress-up stylist, your task is to make them all look their best. Apply makeup and choose beautiful dresses for the bride and groom. Don’t forget to accessorize and style their hair. What’s unique about this game is that you can also play with a friend. Enjoy planning a spectacular wedding together in multiplayer mode.

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5. Makeup Games: Wedding Artist

In “Makeup Games: Wedding Artist,” you will assist Jennifer and her future groom in creating their dream wedding. Start by providing spa services, selecting a hairstyle that suits Jennifer, and applying makeup. Choose a beautiful wedding gown for her as well. And don’t forget to create a stunning wedding invitation for Jennifer. When the big day arrives, help capture the sacred moments by taking wedding photos. Get ready to experience the excitement of this game.

6. Dream Wedding – MagicLab
Released in 2022 by MagicLab, “Dream Wedding” allows you to plan a beautiful wedding for the characters you play. Choose the venue, gown, makeup, food, and entertainment for your guests. This game is available for free, so you can start planning your dream wedding by downloading it now.

7. My Town: Wedding Day girl game

In “My Town: Wedding Day girl game,” you get to experience the role of a wedding planner. Help the couple plan their wedding by selecting a venue, wedding gown, groom’s suit, makeup style, and even the perfect wedding cake. Visit various wedding vendors in the city for a complete wedding planning experience. The game features over 10 characters who will add excitement to the wedding celebration.

8. Wedding Makeup Artist: Salon Games for Girls Kids
In this game, unleash your creativity and become a wedding makeup artist. You can choose from a variety of clients and transform them into stunning brides. Apply makeup, dress them up in beautiful gowns, and style their hair to create the perfect bridal look.


These wedding dress up and makeup games for Android offer a fun and interactive way to explore the world of bridal styling. Whether you dream of becoming a professional makeup artist or simply enjoy playing dress up, these games provide endless hours of entertainment. So, grab your Android device, download these games, and start bringing your bridal styling skills to life.

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