Best Counter Heroes for Joy in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Best Counter Heroes for Joy in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Best Counter Heroes for Joy in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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In the popular game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Joy is a formidable Assassin hero that can quickly eliminate opponents and dominate the battlefield. However, with the right strategy and counter heroes, players can effectively neutralize Joy’s power and turn the tide of the match.

One of the key weaknesses of Joy is her vulnerability to crowd control effects. This is where heroes like Franco, Kaja, and Khufra come into play. Franco, a sturdy Tank hero, is equipped with an annoying Iron Hook skill that can stun enemies, including Joy. Kaja, another powerful hero, can suppress enemy movement with his Ultimate skill and also reveal hidden enemies with his Skill 1. Khufra, a Tank hero with powerful crowd control abilities, can knock back Joy and stop her blink skill with his Skill 1. His Ultimate skill can even stun opponents, further limiting Joy’s mobility and effectiveness.

Minsitthar, a Fighter hero, is another fantastic choice for countering Joy. His ability to pull enemies towards him and deliver a stun can disrupt Joy’s movements and give your team an advantage. Additionally, Minsitthar’s ultimate skill can summon Royal Guards to attack enemies, providing even more crowd control and damage.

Phoveus, another Fighter hero, has an ultimate skill that automatically activates when an enemy uses blink or charge skills. This makes him a perfect counter for Joy, as her blink skill is a crucial part of her mobility and damage output. By activating his ultimate skill at the right moment, Phoveus can swiftly deal with Joy and turn the tables in your favor.

Saber, an Assassin hero, has a deadly ultimate skill that can deal massive damage to Joy and launch her into the air. This not only interrupts her movements but also leaves her vulnerable to follow-up attacks from your team.

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Wanwan, a Marksman hero, can utilize her dash skill and ultimate to stop Joy’s movement and prevent her from escaping or initiating. By immobilizing Joy, Wanwan can take control of the situation and deal significant damage.

It’s important to note that countering Joy in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang requires a combination of hero selection and item usage. Choosing the right counter heroes is essential, but equipping them with items that enhance their effectiveness against Joy can make a significant difference. Be sure to research and experiment with different item builds to find the optimal setup for countering Joy.

Joy’s popularity in the game has made her a common ban in draft picks, as players recognize her potential to dominate matches. However, with the knowledge of the best counter heroes and effective strategies, you can confidently face off against Joy and come out victorious.

In conclusion, countering Joy in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang requires careful planning, hero selection, and itemization. By utilizing heroes like Franco, Kaja, Khufra, Minsitthar, Phoveus, Saber, and Wanwan, players can effectively neutralize Joy’s power and secure victory. Don’t let her dominance overshadow your gameplay – take control of the battlefield and conquer Mobile Legends with the right counter strategies.

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