PUBG Mobile’s Latest Royale Pass Ace Offers Exclusive Skins and More
PUBG Mobile’s Latest Royale Pass Ace Offers Exclusive Skins and More

PUBG Mobile’s Latest Royale Pass Ace Offers Exclusive Skins and More

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PUBG Mobile’s latest Royale Pass Ace, RP A, has been made available for pre-order from May 12th to June 3rd, 2023. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get the exclusive bonus skin! After releasing the Royale Pass Month (RP M) that comes out every month, PUBG Mobile is introducing the Royals Pass with a new format, Royale Pass Ace, starting from update version 2.6 on May 21, 2023.

So, what are the differences between Royale Pass Month and Royale Pass Ace, and how can players get it? Let’s explore all the details:

What’s New in Royale Pass Ace?

First, whereas Royale Pass Month previously only had 50 levels, Royale Pass Ace will have a total of 100 levels. Secondly, players will need more time to reach level 100, whereas before, they were only given four weeks to reach level 50 in Royale Pass Month. In Royale Pass Ace, they will have a longer time to reach level 100- specifically, 8 weeks.

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Lastly, Royale Pass Ace promises far more valuable and diverse rewards compared to the previous Royale Pass. After reaching level 100, players can pocket a total of rewards that are worth 48,000 UC. In Royale Pass Ace 1, which will be released on May 21, 2023, players who reach level 50 can claim the exclusive Drakonbane Remnant-Machete skin and upgrade it up to level 3.

Take note that you can purchase the Royale Pass Ace 1 during the pre-order period, and have the chance to get the exclusive and valuable skins that you cannot get with the Royale Pass Month. Don’t forget to claim your bonus skin and see all the amazing rewards that Royale Pass Ace has to offer!

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