Top 7 Most Dangerous Technologies in One Piece
Top 7 Most Dangerous Technologies in One Piece

Top 7 Most Dangerous Technologies in One Piece

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As a popular manga and anime series, One Piece has captivated audiences with its engaging storyline and diverse range of characters. However, what sets One Piece apart is the advanced technologies that have been incorporated into the story by Eiichiro Oda. One Piece follows the story of pirates, but it also highlights the various advanced technologies that have been created by scientists in the series. These technologies, which are not only useful for society at large, but also a source of power for the pirates, have become the backbone of the series.

Teras our site has compiled a list of the top 7 most dangerous technologies in One Piece, arranged in order of the level of threat they possess. The technologies on this list have the potential to cause significant harm, and some of them could even change the course of the One Piece world forever.

7. Monster Sea Weapon

One of Vegapunk’s most dangerous creations is the monster sea weapon. Vegapunk has provided various modifications to marine animals that have made them more dangerous. Even Rob Lucci prefers to use S-Bear’s teleportation abilities from the ship to Egghead Island rather than facing the weapon designed by Vegapunk, which is tasked with preventing intruders from entering.

6. Raid Suit

Since its introduction in One Piece, the technology produced by Germa 66 has been hailed as the coolest in the series. With the Raid Suit, members of the Vinsmoke family can transform into heroes from a sentai series, gaining various upgrades to their abilities and other advanced weapons.

5. Laser Weapon

One of the most powerful and devastating technologies in One Piece, the laser weapon can only be created by Vegapunk and Franky. Vegapunk created this technology through research on the Pika Pika no Mi devil fruit and applied it to Pacifista and Seraphim. Franky’s laser, on the other hand, originates from Cola.

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4. Plague Weapon

Queen is infamous for creating the Plague Weapon, a mass-destructive weapon that can be considered the most inhumane of them all, as it can spread deadly viruses on a large scale. With the help of anti-virus created by Chopper, many lives were saved during the war in Wano.

3. Bubble Gun

Despite its adorable name, the bubble gun is a weapon feared by both pirates and marines who have consumed devil fruits. Created by Vegapunk, the gun can fire bubbles made of sea energy, leaving the user of the devil fruit stunned and exhausted. This weapon is even more potent than the sea stone, as it can drain the energy of the devil fruit user to the point of death.

2. Seraphim

Vegapunk’s creations in the world of One Piece have made him the most feared scientist by pirates, as the government utilizes his creations to the fullest. There is no doubt that Seraphim is the most powerful and toughest humanoid weapon in One Piece’s universe. Seraphim was created based on the lineage factor from the former Shichibukai and the strongest of the Lunarians.

1. Iron Giant

The only technology known to have emerged from the Void Century, the Iron Giant is a giant robot shrouded in mystery. Iron Giant is the deadliest known technology to date, feared most by Im Sama. The robot was known to have wreaked havoc on Marijoa, the world government’s capital where Im Sama controls the world. If Iron Giant had not run out of energy at that time, Marijoa would have ceased to exist, and Im Sama could have died.

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