Experience the Exciting New Updates of Ragnarok Origin!
Experience the Exciting New Updates of Ragnarok Origin!

Experience the Exciting New Updates of Ragnarok Origin!

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Ragnarok Origin: Experience the Exciting New Updates!

Ragnarok Origin, the official sequel of the popular MMORPG Ragnarok Online, has released a major update. An update that introduces a number of new features, enhancements, and optimizations, making the game even more immersive and engaging for its players. The game offers an enhanced gameplay experience where players can explore new worlds and battle entities while continuously progressing seamlessly.

New Class Crusader

With this new update, players can now enjoy the newly added class, Crusader. Swordsmen have transformed into Crusaders, complete with tough defense, incredible attack skills, and unique abilities like Grand Cross. This skill allows Crusaders to fight against evil creatures and unleash a magical attack against up to ten enemies. Crusaders can also improve their exclusive shield technique based on their defense level while Paladins are granted various skills to provide unmatched support to the team, while also enhancing their own ability to unleash greater power.

Guild League Tournament

What’s more, Ragnarok Origin is introducing a Guild League Tournament that is set to take place soon. Eight guilds from various servers in the ‘Radiant Sun’ rankings will appear as qualifiers for this tournament. Each of these ranks represents different points that influences the final tournament scores. Participating guilds will receive weekly rewards based on their position in the rankings.


Night Assault in Prontera

Ragnarok Origin will feature Night Assault in Prontera, and a Dungeon specifically for players with level 90. Fight Valkyrie Himomes and her powerful allies, or take on the formidable “Byu,” the terrifying boss with mastery of black magic, forceful ice elements, and strong shields. Adventurers must be cautious versus stunning techniques and devastating magic attacks. Upon reaching level 90, players will embark on an engaging story quest in the ancient city of Glast Heim, now old and haunted with the undead. This new challenge invites brave adventurers to discover hidden secrets in this decaying palace.

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Ragnarok Origin is all set to offer in-game activities, keeping players engaged and, most importantly, appreciated. It creates a platform for players to participate in daily events that allow them to earn Roast Lamb dishes, rare materials, and much-needed rewards. Numba Wan Raffle is also available, which features exciting giveaways that will enhance the player’s gaming experience, while the Delicacy Festival Gift offers great value with daily gifts for three days, including exclusive and mysterious clothing.

Gravity Game Hub

Gravity Game Hub (GGH) Pte Ltd is a game developer and publisher founded in 2021 that aims to focus on online and mobile games. The game company strives to provide an interactive gaming experience and a dynamic community for its players in Southeast Asia.

Download Ragnarok Origin now, and enjoy the best gaming experience! Visit the game’s official website to learn more about the latest updates. Join the Discord community and follow its Facebook page for the latest updates and news. Experience the new world that the game has to offer through this exciting new update!

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