The Revelation of Im Sama and the Mystery of the D Clan in One Piece 1085
The Revelation of Im Sama and the Mystery of the D Clan in One Piece 1085

The Revelation of Im Sama and the Mystery of the D Clan in One Piece 1085

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The latest chapter of One Piece 1085 has revealed some shocking twists and turns. Among the biggest revelations is the true identity of Im Sama, previously one of the series’ most mysterious characters. Additionally, the mystery surrounding the D Clan is finally starting to unravel, thanks to a letter from Nefertari Lily. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what happened in the latest chapter and explore the significance of these revelations.

According to the spoilers that have surfaced online, chapter 1085 is titled “Death of Nefertari Cobra”. The chapter sees Nefertari Cobra killed by Im Sama, as the latter tries to silence any discussion of the D Clan. This act not only reveals Im Sama’s true identity but also confirms the existence of the D Clan and their importance to the story.

During a meeting between King Alabasta and the five elders of Gorosei, Wapol of the Drum Kingdom spied on them. In their discussion about the D Clan, Im Sama suddenly appeared and walked toward an empty throne. It becomes clear later that Im Sama is threatened by any discussion of Nefertari Lily’s knowledge of the D Clan’s destiny.

Following Cobra’s death, Im Sama orders the elders of Gorosei to capture Vivi, who is also suspected of knowing about the D Clan. Meanwhile, Wapol is shown to have already been spying on them, and when Im Sama discovers this, he quickly flees. CP0 succeeds in capturing Vivi, leaving more questions to be answered in future chapters.
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Another significant revelation in chapter 1085 is the true identity of Im Sama: Nefertari Lily, the person who defeated Joy Boy, a ruler of the Ancient Kingdom, 800 years ago. By revealing Im Sama’s past, Oda has added a new layer of intrigue to the story, as the character’s motivations become clearer.

In addition to the revelations about Im Sama, the chapter also includes a letter from Nefertari Lily, which sheds more light on the D Clan. The letter reveals that the clan is destined to become rulers, destroyers, or saviors of humanity. It also reveals that the Ancient Kingdom is in possession of two powerful weapons, Pluton and Uranus, which have been taken by the 20 Kingdoms Alliance. The letter also uncovers the existence of a new elite force known as HOLY KNIGHT.

Overall, chapter 1085 of One Piece has been a significant one for fans. It has provided several answers to long-standing questions and sets up future chapters for more intrigue and action.

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