Top 6 PC Games for Football Fans in 2021
Top 6 PC Games for Football Fans in 2021

Top 6 PC Games for Football Fans in 2021

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Football fans who love gaming will appreciate having some of the best PC football games available at their fingertips. Playing football games on your desktop allows you to enjoy stunning graphical displays and experiment with a wide range of controllers. There are numerous football games that are perfect for PC gamers. Here are the top 6 games that we highly recommend:

1. FIFA 19

FIFA 19 is a new football game that is based on the PC platform. It has special features that allow gamers to experience playing football from every position, whether as a striker or goalkeeper. The graphical display is stunning, and similar to previous versions of FIFA, it’s full of intricate detail. It has licenses for all European teams, making it ideal for football fans who love to experience the best league adventures.

2. Football Manager 2019

Football Manager 2019 is the perfect game for those who aspire to become professional football managers. You can take control of one of the 2,500 clubs from the 50 countries that are available in the game. Even Division III clubs in Indonesia are included. The game also features Goal Line Technology and VAR. The game’s commentaries are made to be as realistic as possible, making you feel like you’re living in a real football experience.

3. PES 19

PES 19, which is developed by KONAMI, has a realistic gameplay system that gives you the feeling of playing football in the real world. There are several types of competitions available, including leagues and cups. PES 19 has many clubs and diverse leagues from various continents, including Superliga Quilmes Clasica (Argentina/South America), and Campeonato Nacional Scotiabank (Chile/South America).
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4. Top Eleven

Top Eleven, like Football Manager, is perfect for people who want to become football coaches. It can be played on both consoles and mobile devices as well as desktops. It differs from Football Manager in that player training is much more emphasized than tactics or formations. The better you train your players, the more likely you are to win each match in the game.

5. Sociable Soccer

Sociable Soccer is a game developed by Jon Hare that allows you to experience the classic 90s game’s retro visuals. In addition to the unique visuals, it also has a variety of advantages, including editing available clubs or national teams. Even players are given the freedom to create their own football team. It features a variety of clubs and national teams from around the world and offers a twenty-year player career mode.

6. Super Arcade Football

Super Arcade Football is another football game with a somewhat retro appearance. It not only features retro visuals but also includes slow-mo-banana-bending technology in the game. Players are given a more surreal experience, making it an excellent option for those who want a different football experience.

In conclusion, there are numerous football games available for PC gamers. The games we’ve highlighted in this article are the best options for both casual and hardcore football fans. So, if you love football and gaming, you should try some of these games.

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