Top 5 Best FPS Games To Play on PC
Top 5 Best FPS Games To Play on PC

Top 5 Best FPS Games To Play on PC

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Are you a shooting game fan looking for something more realistic and thrilling? Climb aboard the world of First Person Shooter (FPS) games with epic-storytelling and action-packed gameplay. The genre makes it all more interesting by bringing free-to-play features, multiplayer matches, and much more. Unlike Third Person Shooters (TPS), FPS allows you to move through the game as if you’re living inside the game.

Innumerable FPS titles are popular among gamers. Do check out these top 5 FPS games that have maintained their fanbase for years.

1. Resident Evil 7

The seventh edition of the Capcom survival horror series brings a new character named Ethan Winters as its main character. Ethan embarks on a journey to find his presumed-dead wife, Mia. Clues lead him to find her in the eerie Baker family’s house, where he has to survive many stages of suspense, terror, and action. Resident Evil 7’s antique healing items, complex puzzles, and the story delivering complicated themes like horror, survival, and action will haunt you even after you leave the game. Embrace yourself and make sure to use your ammunition wisely.

2. Battlefield 1

Fight for honor as Battlefield 1’s FPS platform, set on the battlegrounds of World War 1. To make gameplay more realistic, there are different characters, including tank drivers and soldiers of the Ottoman Empire. With its unique spawn system, it won’t tire you. Gear up with ancient rifles, and machine guns, and experience a world known from history, set in gripping narrative and thrilling gameplay.

3. Killing Floor 2

The game’s Wave-based combat system pits you against aggressive zombies across different levels. You’ll face ten “waves” of zombies, each more challenging than the last. To fight off the zombie horde, you’ll have to purchase weapons and battle equipment that will make your playthrough smoother. Killing zombies rewards you with tokens that you can use to purchase more advanced weaponry, from machine guns to anti-bullet vests! The game’s exciting storyline and different point-of-views will keep you engaged for hours.

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4. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus takes you to a post-apocalyptic world. A nuclear war has destroyed everything on earth, and the only safe place is a deep, underground metro station. The game is packed with adrenaline-pumping action, where you battle against radioactive creatures and rogue humans seeking to loot your supplies. You’ll take on the role of a soldier named Artyom, whose mission is to restore civilization, protect, and ensure the survival of humanity.

5. Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 brings in atypical action with the protagonist, Militia Soldier protagonist Jake Cooper, who transcends into a pilot of Titan BT-7274. Joining his mentor, Captain Lastimosa, the duo embarks on Ma Special Operation 217 and must stop the IMC, with a diverse range of obstacles, including Android robots, alien creatures, rioting humans and mechs. The game introduces a unique combat-based storyline that engages players to develop increasingly complex strategies to advance.


These are the top recommendations for FPS games available to play on your computer. The variation in the games mentioned above gives you an idea of the vast genre and how different each game is. Improve your gaming skills, gain ranking points and experience a thrilling new world in FPS games, and join the gaming community that enjoys some of the most heart-pumping gameplay experiences around.

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