Top 6 Best Helicopter Simulator Games for Android
Top 6 Best Helicopter Simulator Games for Android

Top 6 Best Helicopter Simulator Games for Android

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Are you bored playing airplane simulator games? Why not try the best helicopter simulator games available on the PlayStore? Helicopters have different variants based on their specific functions such as military, police, firefighting, and more. In this article, our site will introduce the top 6 best helicopter simulator games for Android.

1. Gunship Battle

Gunship Battle is a game simulator specialized in helicopter combat. It is equipped with 3D graphics and various missions ready to challenge players. The game also allows users to engage in FPS-style combat. Download it for free on the PlayStore.

2. Gunship Strike 3D

Gunship Strike 3D is another combat helicopter game equipped with 3D graphics. Players will be faced with over 40 levels of missions with different objectives. The game provides a range of weapons for use in the helicopter.

3. Helicopter Rescue Simulator

Unlike the previous games, Helicopter Rescue Simulator allows players to act as pilots for various rescue missions. The missions include rescuing people from accidents, floods, and fires. With 20 levels, players can try out different helicopter models available in the game.

4. Absolute RC Heli Sim

Absolute RC Heli Sim is not a combat game but a simulator for flying helicopters. The game includes around 40 different models of helicopters available in real life. There are no levels or missions in Absolute RC Heli Sim; it is merely for pilot training.

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5. Helicopter Craft

In Helicopter Craft, the players are tasked with crafting various models of helicopters using unlocked items and materials. Once the helicopter is complete, players can ride it around the city. The game also has an online multiplayer feature that allows players to meet other Helicopter Craft players.

6. Police Helicopter Simulator

Police Helicopter Simulator is a rescue mission game where the players act as police officers. Players must complete 20 missions, including chasing criminals and assisting firefighters during fires. It’s a challenging game requiring players to save as many people as possible.

7. Army Helicopter Transporter 3D

Army Helicopter Transporter 3D is a game simulator where players act as a military helicopter pilot. The game includes various challenging missions that require the player’s piloting skills. Each mission is unique, and all require different strategies.

In conclusion, helicopter simulator games come in different variants and genres, depending on what users prefer. These games provide an immersive experience that allows players to operate helicopters and master their piloting skills. With the top 6 best helicopter simulator games mentioned in this article, users can download and enjoy games that meet their preferences.

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