The Epic Battle on Beehive Island Continues in One Piece Chapter 1081
The Epic Battle on Beehive Island Continues in One Piece Chapter 1081

The Epic Battle on Beehive Island Continues in One Piece Chapter 1081

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The latest spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1081 reveal that the intense battle on Beehive Island continues as the Navy clashes with Kurohige and his crew. The chapter starts with Garp destroying Beehive Island with just one attack, leaving Kurohige to order his crew to retaliate against the Navy. The fight between the two factions intensifies as the SWORD organization proves to be a formidable opponent, thanks to the rigorous training they received from Garp and Sengoku.

On the other hand, Kurohige and some of his commanders attack Garp recklessly, but to no avail. Despite Kurohige’s doubled pain threshold, he was no match for Garp’s Busoshoku Haki and Awakening form, which resembles Gear 5 Luffy. Garp’s body is adorned with fire tattoos, a result of the Busoshoku Haki effect. It’s also revealed that Garp’s Busoshoku Haki is on par with Roger’s, making him an incredibly powerful opponent.

The Awakening form of Garp proved too much for Kurohige to handle, and after sustaining Garp’s attack, he became incapacitated and started vomiting blood. The Navy eventually dominated the island, defeating Kurohige’s crew and ensuring their victory.

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It’s essential to note that this article is for entertainment purposes only and does not aim to alter the One Piece storyline created by Eiichiro Oda.

In conclusion, the battle on Beehive Island seems to be coming to an end, with the Navy proving victorious against Kurohige’s crew. Garp once again showcased his incredible power and formidable Busoshoku Haki and Awakening form. Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of One Piece Chapter 1081 to see what happens next in this thrilling battle.

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