Top 3 Google Doodle Games: From Celebrating Hip-Hop to Oskar Fischinger's Birthday
Top 3 Google Doodle Games: From Celebrating Hip-Hop to Oskar Fischinger's Birthday

Top 3 Google Doodle Games: From Celebrating Hip-Hop to Oskar Fischinger’s Birthday

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It’s almost impossible to search for anything on the internet without opening Google nowadays. This fact is not incorrect because recent surveys say that Google users are almost 4 billion. That number approaches the world’s online population, which touched 4.39 billion in October 2020. On average, 63,000 people open Google in just one second. Regardless of time or day, Monday or Sunday. Therefore, Google deserves the status of the most popular search engine. This prestigious status is not solely used by Google for business purposes. They also provide education-related services without being requested by users. That service is Google Doodle that appears on the Google homepage when accessed. Google Doodle contains various interesting things to commemorate historical figures or events. These interesting things are packaged in various ways, ranging from short videos, cartoon animations to games.

On the other hand, today’s Google Doodle is undoubtedly contrasting with when it first appeared in 1998. At that time, Google’s founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, used Google Doodle as a joke. Namely, by putting the annual festival logo in the United States, Burning Man, in the second “O” of the Google logo. By putting that logo on Google Doodle, they wanted to send a message to Google users. That message is that they did not come to work because they were attending the Burning Man event in Nevada, United States.

Some Google Doodle games that have been launched certainly leave a deep impression. Maybe because the game represents the figure or celebrated event
very well. Or, because the game design invites awe. Google Doodle games are no less exciting than other challenging and brain-teaser games.

If you need recommendations for fun and challenging games, you can check out our article on the 10 Challenging Games. For those of you who are curious and want to play games in their spare time, there’s no need to search for them one by one. Because our site has summarized the top 10 most popular Google Doodle games below:

1. 50 years of Kids Coding

Google also enlivened the Computer Science Education Week event on December 4, 2017, by releasing the Coding Carrots game. The game was created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of computer programming education (coding) for kids. In making this game, Google collaborated with an expert from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Champika Fernando. Fernando explained that he first learned coding at the age of nine in the 1980s. Fernando remembers that the first program he made was a small green turtle character that moved and drew lines on a black screen. He made the program with a programming language specially designed for children called “Logo.” Citing “Logo” developer, Seymour Papert, Fernando believes that coding is a way to build self-confidence in children. And to make children familiar with modern technology from an early age. Meanwhile, playing the Coding Carrots game is not difficult. You are only asked to arrange the puzzle. The puzzle arrangements will guide the rabbit steps in collecting carrots as much as possible. You can play this game here.

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2. 44th Anniversary of Hip-Hop

There is something special about the Google Doodle on August 11, 2017. Google celebrated the 44th anniversary of the birth of Hip-Hop music. In Indonesia, Hip-Hop music was popular in the 90s with one of its stars being Iwa K. The brief history of how this music could appear was when American DJ (Disc Jockey), Kool Herc, made a party titled “Back-to-School” on August 11, 1973. Herc was only 18 years old at the time. However, Herc did not want a party held in the Bronx, New York, to be ordinary. The Jamaican teenager innovated by playing two DJ Turntables to extend the musical instruments when the song was in the break section. Unexpectedly, one of Herc’s friends, Coke La Rock, sang some lyrics (using a microphone) simultaneously. The crowd dancing at that time became more ‘wild.’ Herc’s party became the talk of the town and was imitated all over the United States. That’s when Hip-Hop music was born, followed by the popularity of breakdance dance and Hip-Hop-style clothing. Regarding this game, you are asked to choose several song discs to be played on the DJ Turntable. Like a real DJ, you can adjust the rhythm of the song and adjust which sound is more pronounced, whether it is the bass beat or the instrument. To create a unique effect, you can rotate the disc forward and backward. Interested? Download it here.

3. Oskar Fischinger’s 117th Birthday

Oskar Fischinger has made a great contribution to the film world. The American man born in Germany is known as an expert in creating visualizations of images and music. Even though at that time, in the 1920-1940 decade, computers had not penetrated the film world. The lasting souvenir made by the creator of Lumigraf’s device certainly is the Motion Painting No.1 film. The 1947 film combines classical music composed by Johann Sebastian Bach with visualized images.

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