Relawan Ganjar Pranowo's PMN Hosts Successful Mobile Legends Tournament in Palembang
Relawan Ganjar Pranowo's PMN Hosts Successful Mobile Legends Tournament in Palembang

Relawan Ganjar Pranowo’s PMN Hosts Successful Mobile Legends Tournament in Palembang

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Palembang, 14 June 2023 – The Pemuda Mahasiswa Nusantara (PMN) Sumatera Selatan (Sumsel) chapter, consisting of Relawan Ganjar Pranowo, organized a Mobile Legends tournament on Wednesday 14 June 2023 at Jalan Mayor Santoso, 20 Ilir D.III, Kecamatan Ilir, Kota Palembang, Sumatera Selatan. The tournament was attended by young people and students from all over the city.

Coordinator of PMN Sumsel, Sabili, expressed his satisfaction with the turnout, stating that hundreds of young people participated in the online game competition. The tournament aimed to foster the creativity and skills of millennials in gaming. Sabili believed that events such as these would help change people’s view that gaming was a negative activity that did not add value.

Sabili further added that the tournament was an excellent way of bringing together online game enthusiasts in Palembang, where they could interact and socialize with each other. The tournament also received significant attention from the local media and community, with many young people being excited about the competition.

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During the event, the organizers arranged a variety of attractive prizes for the winners of the competition. The event was a great success, and Sabili reiterated the PMN’s commitment to organizing beneficial activities for the youth of Sumatera Selatan.

In conclusion, Relawan Ganjar Pranowo’s PMN Sumatera Selatan chapter’s Mobile Legends tournament was a huge success, with hundreds of young people participating in the event. The tournament not only promoted the creativity and gaming skills of millennials, but also provided an opportunity for them to interact and engage with each other in a safe and entertaining environment.

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