Tips on Successfully Following the DEBM Diet Plan
Tips on Successfully Following the DEBM Diet Plan

Tips on Successfully Following the DEBM Diet Plan

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Are you looking for an effective diet plan that can help you lose weight without starving yourself? DEBM diet, also known as Diet Enak Bahagia dan Menyenangkan, is a low carb, protein-rich diet that can help you shed unwanted pounds without feeling hungry. In this article, we’ll show you how to follow the DEBM diet plan with our tips and guidelines.

Understanding the DEBM Diet Plan

The DEBM diet is designed to reduce your intake of carbohydrates and sugar while increasing your intake of protein and healthy fats. By following this diet, your body will use stored fat as energy, resulting in weight loss. It’s similar to other low carb diets such as the ketogenic and Atkins diets.

Rules to Follow for the DEBM Diet Plan

1. Eat a protein-rich breakfast

When following DEBM, you must avoid foods that are high in carbs such as bread, rice, noodles, porridge, and sugary drinks. Instead, opt for protein-rich foods with plenty of healthy fats and fiber. Some great breakfast options include boiled eggs, avocado with cheese, cheese omelet, low-sugar yogurt, and high-fiber vegetables like carrots and green beans.

2. Protein for Lunch

For lunch, replace rice with vegetables like beans, green vegetables, and carrots. Start your meal with a protein source like boiled eggs, milk, cheese, or chicken, as protein helps to control your appetite. You also need to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
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3. Protein and Veggies for Dinner

Unlike other diets, the DEBM diet plan encourages you to eat your dinner, even if you’re not hungry. Choose a protein source such as chicken, fish, beef or soybean meal accompanied with carbs from spinach, broccoli or carrots. Avoid carbs after 6 PM to avoid gaining weight.

Additional Tips

– Drink at least three glasses of water between breakfast and lunch as well as between lunch and dinner.
– Avoid sugary drinks such as soda and juices. Drink tea or coffee without sugar or creamer instead.
– Add healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts, and seeds to your meal to stay full and satisfied.
– Eat your meals in a relaxed manner and enjoy your food instead of rushing to finish quickly.


To summarize, the DEBM diet plan is an effective way to lose weight without relying on calorie counting, and you can still enjoy a variety of delicious food. With our guidelines, you can successfully follow the DEBM diet plan. Eat protein-rich foods, avoid sugar and carbs, and stay hydrated. Stick to the rules, be patient, and you’ll see gradual weight loss results in no time!

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