Monkey D Garp and Bogard: The Battle Against Blackbeard Pirates
Monkey D Garp and Bogard: The Battle Against Blackbeard Pirates

Monkey D Garp and Bogard: The Battle Against Blackbeard Pirates

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Monkey D Garp is well-known to be one of the strongest masters of Haki in the One Piece world. Despite his age, he still possesses incredible power that makes him a formidable opponent. In chapter 1080, Garp shows his might through his Galaxy Impact, which sends shockwaves through the entire island with a single punch.

The Blackbeard Pirates acknowledged Garp’s strength and did not leave him unbothered during their encounter. Shiryu, Avalo Pizarro, Vasco Shot, and Sanjuan Wolf challenged Garp despite the absence of their captain on Hachinosu Island. As all of them are Devil Fruit users with an impressive command of Haki, Garp is left with a formidable task ahead.

Garp’s aging body is undoubtedly a weakness that the Blackbeard Pirates may exploit. Like how the Blackbeard Pirates defeated Shirohige with treacherous means, they could opt to use cunning to defeat Garp. However, Garp’s right-hand man, Bogard, possesses an exceptional power – the Kenbunshoku Haki – that could save him from his adversaries.

Shiryu, who knew Garp well from their past battle in Impeldown, would utilize his devil fruit ability, Suke Suke no Mi, to make himself transparent. By doing so, he could get close to Garp and decapitate him to end their fight. But, Bogard’s Kenbunshoku Haki can detect even Shiryu in his invisible state, providing Garp with a much-needed lifeline.

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While many fans believe that Garp will meet his end at the hands of Kurohige, the mastermind behind the Blackbeard Pirates, it is still unclear who will land the final blow. For now, however, the appearance of Bogard seems to be enough to delay Garp’s demise.

In conclusion, the fight between Monkey D Garp and the Blackbeard Pirates is one that is packed with suspense and anticipation. With the help of his trusted ally, Bogard, Garp might just come out on top. Only time can tell what fate has in store for the One Piece world’s legendary warrior.

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