Tips on How to Check the Authenticity of an iPhone: Understanding Different Types of iPhone Warranties
Tips on How to Check the Authenticity of an iPhone: Understanding Different Types of iPhone Warranties

Tips on How to Check the Authenticity of an iPhone: Understanding Different Types of iPhone Warranties

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Are you planning to buy an iPhone? Beware of the rampant circulation of fake iPhones in the market today. As a potential buyer, you must be vigilant in distinguishing a genuine iPhone from a fake one to avoid being deceived. There are many ways to determine the authenticity of an iPhone, one of which is by checking the IMEI. However, checking the IMEI alone may not suffice to ensure the authenticity of an iPhone, which is why you should also verify the warranty of the iPhone.

Understanding the different types of iPhone warranties is crucial in checking the authenticity of an iPhone. Here are some of the most common types of iPhone warranties available in the market:

1. Official Warranty

This is the official warranty given by Apple to its authorized distributors or companies in a particular country. The official distributor of Apple products in Indonesia provides warranties for original Apple devices for a certain period. To obtain an official warranty, you must purchase an Apple device from an official Apple store or authorized reseller in Indonesia. Usually, claims for official warranties are international, but specific series may only be claimed in the country it was purchased.

2. Distributor Warranty

This warranty is provided by distributors who import Apple products unofficially to Indonesia. This warranty is not covered by the distributor who imported the product into Indonesia. This means that you can only claim the warranty from the distributor and not from the official Apple service center. iPhones sold by these distributors are usually cheaper than official iPhones, but you must be cautious because many refurbished or reconditioned iPhones are sold under the guise of distributor warranty. To ensure that your iPhone device is new or refurbished, you may follow the tutorials below.
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3. Seller/Store Warranty

This type of warranty usually applies to fake Apple devices, Black Market (BM), KW, Supercopy, or refurbished products. Generally, this warranty is only valid for one month from the date of purchase and is based solely on trust between the buyer and the seller.

In conclusion, it is essential to know the different types of iPhone warranties to ensure that you are purchasing a genuine Apple product. By verifying the iPhone’s warranty, you can tell if it is authentic or fake. Be cautious when purchasing from unauthorized distributors or stores to avoid buying fake iPhone devices. Always buy your Apple products from official Apple stores or authorized resellers to guarantee that you are investing in a high-quality product that comes with an official warranty.

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