Synopsis of Timeless Love
Synopsis of Timeless Love

Synopsis of Timeless Love

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“Timeless Love” is a Chinese drama that was originally adapted from the popular novel by He Zhong, titled “Zhui Guang”. The story revolves around the romance between two individuals who both suffer from psychological illnesses, with the main characters being Cheng Feng and Jiang Dian. Directed by Tan You Ye and written by Zhang Meng Yang, the drama is known for its deep character development and its ability to depict the struggles and triggers that come with toxic relationships.

Premise and Synopsis

Cheng Feng (portrayed by Xu Yi Yang) is a former famous choreographer and dancer who has lost his passion for life after losing his love. He runs a small cafe in hopes of living a comfortable life, but that all changes when he meets Jiang Dian (played by Chen You Wei), a handsome and charming student who has fallen for Cheng Feng.

Despite Cheng Feng’s cold and distant behavior towards Jiang Dian, the latter tries his best to win his heart. Cheng Feng often dismisses Jiang Dian’s advances, telling him that he only wants his beauty and body. However, Jiang Dian continues to show his affection towards Cheng Feng by helping him overcome his claustrophobia.

Eventually, Cheng Feng opens his heart to Jiang Dian, accepting him as his lover. Their relationship becomes the right “healing” for Cheng Feng, as it allows him to slowly overcome his traumas. However, their love story takes a toxic turn when Zhao Yao (played by Pan Lu Yu), Cheng Feng’s ex-girlfriend, tries to sabotage their relationship.

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Zhao Yao is an idol who has stolen Cheng Feng’s choreography in the past and continues to pursue him relentlessly. Her fans hound Cheng Feng, and she even resorts to sabotaging his choreography and even his relationship with Jiang Dian. Jiang Dian, who has a history of a lack of trust and love from his family, starts to become increasingly paranoid and jealous. His mental health starts to deteriorate, and his actions towards Cheng Feng become more reckless.


“Timeless Love” is a captivating drama that perfectly captures the complexities of toxic relationships and the psychological damages they bring. It also touches upon mental health and how it can affect one’s relationships and decision-making. With its deep character development and roller coaster-like plot, it’s no surprise that “Timeless Love” is a hidden gem for Chinese melodramas.

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