This Is England Movie Synopsis and Review
This Is England Movie Synopsis and Review

This Is England Movie Synopsis and Review

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This Is England (2006) is a British crime and drama film directed by Shane Meadows. The movie follows the story of Shaun (Thomas Turgoose), a 12-year-old boy who lives with his mother after his father died in the Falklands War. Shaun is a victim of bullying in school and finds himself lost and vulnerable.


Shaun is on his way home from school when he meets a group of skinheads led by Woody (Joe Hartley). They sympathize with Shaun and invite him to join their group. Shaun gladly accepts the invitation and becomes close to Woody, who he sees as a big brother. He also develops feelings for Lol (Vicky McClure), Woody’s girlfriend, and Smell (Rosamund Hanson), an older girl in the group.

As Shaun spends more time with the skinheads, he becomes more entrenched in their world. However, trouble arises when Combo (Stephen Graham), a former friend of Woody who has just been released from prison, joins the group. Combo has an extreme nationalist and racist ideology that he tries to push on the other skinheads, including Shaun.

Shaun finds himself torn between the two factions as the situation spirals out of control. He begins to question his beliefs and realizes that his newfound friends may not be who he thought they were.


This Is England is a raw and emotional portrayal of youth and identity in 1980s Britain. The movie tackles themes of racism, nationalism, and loyalty through the eyes of a vulnerable young boy. The performances are outstanding, particularly that of Thomas Turgoose as Shaun. He perfectly captures the naivety and confusion of adolescence.

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The other actors also deliver excellent performances, bringing depth and complexity to their characters. Stephen Graham is particularly convincing as the charismatic but dangerous Combo.

Shane Meadows’ direction is superb, creating a gritty and realistic atmosphere that immerses the audience in Shaun’s world. The movie’s soundtrack is also memorable, featuring classic punk and reggae tracks that heighten the film’s energy and emotion.


This Is England is a powerful film that offers a stark portrayal of a troubled era in Britain’s history. The movie’s exploration of youth culture, identity, and extremism remains relevant today. Its themes are universal and resonant, making it a timeless piece of cinema. If you’re looking for a thought-provoking drama that packs an emotional punch, This Is England is definitely worth a watch.

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