Synopsis of Monster Hunter: Trapped in the World of Monsters
Synopsis of Monster Hunter: Trapped in the World of Monsters

Synopsis of Monster Hunter: Trapped in the World of Monsters

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Monster Hunter is a 2020 action and adventure movie directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, known for his works in Resident Evil franchise. The movie is an adaptation from the video game produced by Capcom. Starring Milla Jovovich, Tony Jaa, Ron Perlman, Meagan Good, and T.I, the movie revolves around the struggles of a Ranger’s captain who finds herself and the surviving member of her team trapped in the dimension of the monsters. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed synopsis of the movie.

The movie starts with Captain Artemis and her team of Rangers, who are on a mission to find their missing comrades in the desert. Suddenly, they encounter a sandstorm that transports them into another dimension inhabited by dangerous monsters. Among the massive creatures, they come across a massive skeleton that belongs to a colossal monster. While they investigate, a giant horned monster appears and attacks them, killing all the Rangers except Artemis.

With the help of another survivor, Artemis tries to fight back and stay alive while searching for a way back to their dimension. Together, they venture into the dangerous territory, battling more monsters and facing obstacles at every turn. The duo gradually learns that Sky Tower, far away in the distance, is the portal connecting their dimension with the monsters’ one.

But to reach there, they have to defeat Diablos, the horned monster who is guarding the way to Sky Tower. To defeat Diablos, they need poison from a large spider-like monster, Nerscylla. Artemis and the survivor form a plan to get the poison, and in the process, Artemis trains to become a better fighter with the help of her companion.
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In a fierce battle against Diablos, Hunter suffers severe injuries, but Artemis manages to defeat Diablos using all their weapons. Artemis then finds a way to carry Hunter’s body on a stretcher to Sky Tower, which is located halfway across the desert. While on their journey, they encounter Rathalos, a dragon-like monster that attacks and kills a group of Apceros, a tortoise-like species.

However, Artemis and Hunter are rescued by Admiral and a team of monster hunters. They are taken to their base, where Admiral offers to help Artemis return to her dimension if she helps them defeat Rathalos. The movie ends with surprising and shocking twists and turns.


Monster Hunter is a movie that provides its viewers with plenty of action, adventure, and thrill. The movie’s storyline revolves around the struggles of Captain Artemis, a Ranger, and her team in finding their missing comrades trapped in a world of monsters. Through this article, we have provided a detailed synopsis of the movie, covering its central plot revolving around the struggle to survive and return to one’s own dimension. With fantastic special effects and incredible action sequences, the movie is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat for its entire runtime.

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