Cross Guild Takes on the Marines in One Piece Chapter 1084
Cross Guild Takes on the Marines in One Piece Chapter 1084

Cross Guild Takes on the Marines in One Piece Chapter 1084

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The organization Cross Guild is gaining popularity in One Piece Chapter 1084 after making significant impacts on the Marines. They have successfully put a bounty on T Bone and openly priced Captain Coby’s bounty at 5000 Berry. Initially initiated by Crocodile and invited Mihawk to fight against the Marines, Cross Guild has started to bear fruit.

Aside from wanting to establish their own nation with a strong military force, the Cross Guild was created to generate chaos in the world by putting a bounty on every soldier in the Marines. However, similarities with the Revolutionary Army have arisen, as both organizations aim to challenge those who hold power in the One Piece world. If Cross Guild targets the Marines, the Revolutionary Army targets the World Government and Tenryuubito. The similarity between the two organizations raises questions among One Piece fans about their connection.

If we look closely at the history of One Piece, we can see that one of the commanders of the Revolutionary Army, Ivan Koff, knew Crocodile’s past, while another commander, Kuma, sent Zoro to Mihawk’s place. These two events lead us to conclude that Cross Guild and the Revolutionary Army have a connection, since it is possible that Mihawk and Crocodile were once, or even now, close friends with Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army.

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If it is true that these two organizations have a connection, then the World Government will increase their vigilance against these organizations. If the World Government is careless, their position may be overthrown by Cross Guild and the Revolutionary Army. Keep up with One Piece to learn more about the exciting storyline and the appearance of Cross Guild in upcoming chapters.

Disclaimer: This article is made for entertainment purposes only and has no intention of altering the story of One Piece, created by Eiichiro Oda.

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