The True Story of Joy Boy's Defeat by Im Sama and Nefertari Lily in One Piece Universe
The True Story of Joy Boy's Defeat by Im Sama and Nefertari Lily in One Piece Universe

The True Story of Joy Boy’s Defeat by Im Sama and Nefertari Lily in One Piece Universe

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In the One Piece universe, the story of Joy Boy and his defeat at the hands of Im Sama has been shrouded in mystery. However, recent revelations show that it was the betrayal of Nefertari Lily that led to Joy Boy’s downfall.

Joy Boy, who possessed the power of Dewa Nika, was the ruler of the ancient kingdom at a time when it consisted of 27 small kingdoms that all pledged allegiance to him. However, his half-sibling, Im Sama, who held the power of Dewa Xark, was not content with Joy Boy’s ascent to power and rebelled against him, resulting in a civil war that divided the 27 kingdoms.

Twenty of the ancient kings took Im Sama’s side, while the remaining seven supported Joy Boy, including Bonaris, the king of Ras Rakshasa. This war occurred at night, which weakened Joy Boy’s power, allowing Im Sama to easily defeat him.

Apart from the moon’s power that enhanced Im Sama’s strength, it was Nefertari Lily’s traitorous actions that turned the tide of the war. This resulted in Joy Boy’s defeat and the permanent split of the twenty kingdoms from the ancient kingdom.

Additionally, out of the seven who supported Joy Boy, Bonaris was the only one confirmed to still be alive. His people, the Ras Rakshasa, remain a mystery, but the recent One Piece arc, Elbaf, reveals Dorry and Brogy, two members descended from the Ras Rakshasa.

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The victors of the war, Im Sama and twenty kings, regrouped to form the Gorosei, a group of six leaders that control the World Government. However, a recent leak reveals that there was a seventh member, Saint Vegayorix Earth, who had been killed by Big Mom during the God Valley incident, a mission by the World Government to destroy the Rocks pirates.

With the history and secrets of the One Piece universe continuing to unravel, fans can only speculate on the ramifications of these revelations. Some believe that Gear 6 Luffy may become the trigger for another conflict between Dewa Nika and Im Sama, while others believe that the One Piece universe is headed towards an even bigger crisis.

As the story continues, it is clear that the intrigue and complexity of the One Piece universe will continue to captivate and excite fans for years to come.

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