The Shocking Scene in One Piece 1085: Sabo's Encounter with Gorosei and Im Sama
The Shocking Scene in One Piece 1085: Sabo's Encounter with Gorosei and Im Sama

The Shocking Scene in One Piece 1085: Sabo’s Encounter with Gorosei and Im Sama

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One Piece 1085 brings a big surprise to fans as the scene reveals Sabo’s encounter with the Gorosei and Im Sama. It is shown that Sabo managed to withstand attacks from the five Gorosei and Im Sama in the Empty Throne Room. However, the question remains: why did Im Sama and Gorosei suddenly attack Sabo? Here is a complete breakdown of what happened in One Piece 1085.

Chapter 1085 starts with Raja Cobra’s silence after learning that Im Sama is sitting on the Empty Throne. The conversation then continues about Queen Lily, and it is revealed that her full name is Nevertari D Lily. As it turns out, she is a member of the D clan, which is related to the inherited letter that Queen Lily passed down to Raja Cobra.

It can be concluded that the Nefertari family is part of the D clan, just like the Monkey family and others. Then Sabo suddenly appears in the Empty Throne Room and sees Im Sama sitting in his throne. Without hesitation, Sabo immediately launches an attack on the five Gorosei who are in front of Raja Cobra. Sabo realizes the evil intentions of the Gorosei and Im Sama who want to kill Raja Cobra.

Then, from the shadows behind the Gorosei, giant monster shadows emerge. Each Gorosei has a different shadow form, and it is stated in this chapter that the power comes from an unknown devil fruit. Unfortunately, before the Gorosei can use their power, Im Sama attacks Sabo and Raja Cobra. The attack is in the form of a black shadow arrow, and it is only a small part of the leader of the world government’s incredible power.

In the midst of Sabo’s tense situation, facing the five Gorosei and Im Sama, Im Sama suddenly realizes that someone is secretly watching them, namely Wapol. However, Wapol quickly flees because he knows he is also in danger. That’s why when Wapol was with Morgans, he looked very scared. Because Wapol had seen the great secret of the World Government, which was the existence of a mysterious figure in the Empty Throne Room. Therefore, Wapol is likely to reveal the secret to Morgans, so Morgans will know about the existence of Im Sama, and he will publish news that will shock the whole world.

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After showing Wapol fleeing after seeing Im Sama, the story focuses on Vivi, who is captured by CP0 agents and taken into a room inside Pangea Castle. Shortly after Vivi is imprisoned, Wapol, who has escaped, appears in the same room. This is the beginning of why later Vivi and Wapol can go to Morgans’ place together.

Back to the Empty Throne Room, Raja Cobra has one last request of Sabo. Raja Cobra wants Sabo to tell Luffy and Vivi that the Nefertari family is part of the D clan. Therefore, it can be ensured that shortly, Sabo and the Revolution Army will meet with the Straw Hat Pirates. That will also be the beginning of the meeting between Dragon and Luffy.

Then, in front of Im Sama, Raja Cobra suspects that he knows something about his real name. According to Raja Cobra, Im Sama is one of the kings who formed an alliance of 20 kingdoms 800 years ago. Then, when Raja Cobra tried to mention the real name of the World King, Im Sama quickly ended it. Sabo, who couldn’t do much in front of Im Sama and Gorosei, was unable to protect Raja Cobra. Therefore, in One Piece 1085, the moment of Raja Cobra’s death in front of Sabo, Gorosei, and Im Sama is finally revealed.

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