Im Sama's Catastrophic Plan Revealed in One Piece 1086
Im Sama's Catastrophic Plan Revealed in One Piece 1086

Im Sama’s Catastrophic Plan Revealed in One Piece 1086

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In the latest One Piece chapter 1086, Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the anime and manga, reveals some interesting clues about the grand plan of Im Sama. Im Sama’s scheme is said to be connected to a catastrophic disaster like the apocalypse that will strike the entire One Piece world. But why would Im Sama do such a thing, and what kind of hints did Oda convey in One Piece 1086? Let’s find out together.

Im Sama’s Immense Power

According to the latest chapter, Im Sama is immune to the elemental fire of Sabo’s Mera Mera no Mi. Moreover, he transforms into a giant monster with a head as massive as Tahta Kosong. It is evident that Im Sama possesses terrifying power. The weapon he used to wipe out the Lulusia Kingdom is just a fraction of his strength.

The Ocean Connection

In the Japanese version of One Piece, Im Sama is often referred to as Imu. Interestingly, the word Umi is the reverse of his name and means ocean. It’s a fitting definition for Im Sama’s character as the ocean is the weakness of every Devil Fruit user. In the previous chapter, Im Sama ate the elemental fire of Sabo’s Devil Fruit. So it’s possible that his power is somehow connected to the ocean, which can neutralize his opponents’ Devil Fruit power. However, it’s also likely that his true ability is to manipulate the entire ocean, which can cause a tsunami and massive floods that could destroy entire islands.

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Im Sama’s Catastrophic Plan

The reason behind Im Sama’s catastrophic plan like the apocalypse is yet to be confirmed. However, Oda has teased some clues that suggest Im Sama’s intention to cause a massive flood that would wipe out every civilization on the planet except for Zou, Wano, Red Line, Fishman Island, and other prepared places. Im Sama’s mastery over the ocean and his location at Mariejoa, situated 20,000 meters above Red Line, suggest that he plans to cause a massive flood that could wipe out the world’s population and leave only a few survivors.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, One Piece 1086 reveals Im Sama’s frightening plan that might lead to the end of the world. It’s an intriguing development that raises more questions about Im Sama’s power and motives. Only time will reveal the true nature of Im Sama’s strength and his plan’s actual goal. One Piece fans can’t wait to see what other surprises Oda has up his sleeve.

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