The Shocking Moment in One Piece 1086: Buggy Saves Garp from Kurohige
The Shocking Moment in One Piece 1086: Buggy Saves Garp from Kurohige

The Shocking Moment in One Piece 1086: Buggy Saves Garp from Kurohige

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One Piece 1086 reveals a surprising moment where Buggy, the captain of the Buggy and Alvida alliance, unexpectedly comes to Kurohige’s headquarters to save Monkey D. Garp. The movement of Buggy towards Kurohige’s location was triggered by Shanks’ request. The intricacies and connections among the pirate emperors are heavily present in the One Piece manga, and the intensity of the Beehive Arc is unmatched.

There is a glimmer of hope for Garp’s survival at Beehive with the collaboration between Captain Buggy and Akagami no Shanks in One Piece 1086. The leaked storyline shows Captain Buggy at Beehive, the stronghold of Marshall D. Teach or Kurohige.

The leader of the Buggy and Alvida alliance, Captain Buggy, makes the Beehive arc more complex. Monkey D. Garp is also currently there to save Captain Coby. The reason for Buggy’s presence in Beehive remains unknown. However, according to Teras our site’s report, there is a connection between Buggy and Shanks, who is currently in Elbaf.

In the leaked One Piece 1086 storyline that Teras our site received, Shanks has already learned about the Beehive situation, where Garp must fight alone against Kurohige. Shanks then sends a touching message to Buggy to immediately save Garp’s life from the wrath of Marshall D. Teach.

Buggy agrees to Shanks’ request and even brings his entire pirate fleet to Beehive. Even Crocodile, one of Kurohige’s commanders, is visibly shocked by the large pirate fleet headed for Beehive.

However, Garp’s decision to come to Beehive is reckless, according to many fans. Though he aims to save Coby, Garp is essentially delivering himself to his death. Furthermore, Beehive is the stronghold of Marshall D. Teach, the most powerful pirate in the One Piece universe.

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In One Piece 1086, page 7, Garp’s face is covered in blood, his left hand severely injured due to Aokiji and Kurohige’s attack. Kurohige, on the other hand, appears unscathed. With his age and only relying on Haki, Garp is sure to lose to Kurohige, who is a Devil Fruit user. Kurohige is also the only person in the One Piece universe who can awaken multiple Devil Fruits.

Garp’s life is in danger, and he needs immediate help. Eiichiro Oda introduces a difficult-to-predict plot twist by bringing Buggy as the angel to save Garp. From the Big Top (Buggy’s ship name), the captain shoots toward Beehive. The thunderous sound of the gunshots surprises Kurohige, the strongest pirate, who did not expect any fleet to attack him.

Kurohige becomes even more surprised after receiving a message from the lighthouse stating that the attackers are Buggy’s pirates. In the One Piece theories circulating, a duel between Kurohige and Buggy is predicted to happen in One Piece 1086.

With One Piece becoming more thrilling and tense, let us anticipate its official release. However, keep in mind that some of the content mentioned here are purely for entertainment purposes and is not meant to add, subtract or modify Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece storyline.

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