The Mystery of Nika: Who was the Predecessor of Luffy as its User in One Piece?
The Mystery of Nika: Who was the Predecessor of Luffy as its User in One Piece?

The Mystery of Nika: Who was the Predecessor of Luffy as its User in One Piece?

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One Piece fans are always curious about the mysteries that surround the show’s storyline. One such mystery is the identity of the user of Nika’s devil fruit before Luffy. The death of the devil fruit user enables the fruit to revive again, making it an interesting question to explore. Despite the government’s efforts to locate the Nika fruit for hundreds of years, the previous user remains a mystery. The government also renamed the fruit to Gomu Gomu no Mi or Rubber, but the reason behind the name change is also unknown. What makes the Nika devil fruit so special, and why does the government covet it?

According to a popular theory, the previous owner of Nika’s devil fruit could be Portgas D Rouge, Ace’s mother. Rouge gave birth to Ace after carrying him for more than 20 months, which is longer than the usual gestation period. One explanation for Rouge’s extended pregnancy is that she could be a user of the Nika devil fruit. The Nika devil fruit’s power could have helped her expand her body to allow for an extended pregnancy period. However, since this was not a natural occurrence, there could have been serious consequences, as seen in Luffy’s fight with Rob Lucci, where using Gear 2nd shortens the user’s life span. Rouge paid the ultimate price for this, and she died shortly after giving birth to Ace.

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The speculation about Nika’s fruit is fascinating, and it makes One Piece fans wonder about the possibilities of other devil fruit uses. Despite being a mystery, the identity of Nika’s previous user adds to the complexity of the show, which makes it even more exciting for viewers. With the show’s ever-evolving plot, we can only wait to see what other mysteries unfold in the future.

In conclusion, One Piece fans are always curious about the show’s mysteries, and the identity of the Nika devil fruit’s previous user is one such mystery. The theory that Ace’s mother, Portgas D Rouge, may have been the previous user adds an interesting dimension to the show. The Nika devil fruit’s power to expand the user’s body could have caused long-term side effects, which ultimately led to Rouge’s demise. However, despite the mystery, it’s exciting to see the complexity of the One Piece storyline continue to unfold.
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