Teras Gorontalo Arc - Sabo Rescues Zoro
Teras Gorontalo Arc - Sabo Rescues Zoro

Teras Gorontalo Arc – Sabo Rescues Zoro

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As the Teras our site Arc of One Piece continues, the Egghead arc becomes more tense as Seraphim continues to resist Zoro and Luffy’s attempts to defeat him. In the latest turn of events, Zoro sets off alone to pursue S-Hawk, who has fled from the battle, leaving the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates behind. This is a worrying development since both Zoro and Luffy have exhausted a lot of their energy in their previous fight against CP0 agents and Seraphim is known for his incredible abilities.

While Zoro is in the middle of a perilous battle with S-Hawk, an unexpected event occurs in Egghead. Sabo suddenly appears and rescues Zoro from S-Hawk, who came dangerously close to killing him. Sabo takes Zoro with him and starts searching for Luffy and the rest of his crew. Meanwhile, on the Egghead coast, Kizaru’s and Gorosei’s ships arrive, carrying a large number of Marine troops.

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Luffy sees this and warns his crew to be careful since the enemy has more soldiers than they do, and this situation could make the upcoming fight difficult. However, Sabo shows up, carrying Zoro, who is in poor condition after his battle with S-Hawk. Sabo tells Luffy to focus on Gorosei while he fights Kizaru and waits for Zoro to recover.

With the plan in place, Luffy and Sabo move into their respective positions to face their opponents. What will happen next? Fans of One Piece will have to wait for Eiichiro Oda to reveal the next chapter of this epic battle of Teras our site.

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